Swedish research in the colorectal field is renowned for its quality. A substantial proportion of the research comes from PhD theses. In Sweden a PhD thesis consists of a number of separate scientific articles and a comprehensive review of the topic. The dissertation act is a public defence of the work where an opponent challenges the respondent and the quality of the defence is judged by an independent board.

The reviews are most often of excellent quality but rarely published in scientific journals and thereby not reaching the readership they deserve.

Link to Swedish theses in colorectal surgery

ESCP National representative for Sweden:

Thordis Disa Kalman

University hospital Linköping

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Population: 10,327,589

ESCP Members: 58

Certified Colorectal Surgeons: 154

Society: Swedish Society of Colorectal Surgeons

National Surgical Journal(s): Svensk Kirurgi

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