07:45 - 12:30

BK MedicalESCP Pre-Congress Educational Workshop: 6th Anorectal and Pelvic Ultrasound Course

Course directors: Anders Mellgren (USA), Pawel Wieczorek (Poland)

Supported by BK Medical

Hall 113

10:00 - 12:00

ESCP Pre-Congress Educational Workshop: Core Subject Update

Chairs: Ethem Gecim (Turkey), Gervasio Salgado (Spain)

Hall 115

12:00 onwards

Exhibition Opens. Sandwich lunch available

Exhibition Hall

12:30 - 12:35

Official Opening

Hall 115

12:35 - 14:00

Video Surgery

Chairs: Miklos Kassai (UK), Mark Katory (UK)

  • V01: Wrap technique and lap ventral rectopexy - Jean-Francois Gravie (France)
  • V02: Transabdominal- transanal total mesorrectal excision in metacronous rectal cancer - Marta Jimenez-Toscano (Spain)
  • V03: Laparoscopic NOSE-colectomy - Albert Wolthuis (Belgium)
  • V04: Anal gatekeeper a new bulking agent for fecal incontinence - Claudia Menconi (Italy)
  • V05: TAMIS hybrid technique - Beatriz Martin-Perez (USA)
  • V06: Reversal of Hartmann procedure utilizing single port laparoscopy, an attractive alternative to laparotomy - David Zimmerman (The Netherlands)
  • V07: The supine bottom-up extralevator abdominoperineal excision - Cecile de Chaisemartin (France)
  • V08: Reduced port surgery for laparoscopic restorative proctecomy for ulcerative colitis - Masashi Yahagi (Japan)
  • V09: Cylindric laparoscopic extralevator abdominoperineal resection - Larissa Vines (Switzerland)
  • V10: Laparoscopic assisted colonoscopy - Zorica Vujovic (UK)

Hall 115

Clinical Trials Update

Presentation and review of new trials in the ESCP

Chair: Dion Morton (UK)

Panel: Donato Altomare (Italy), Willem Bemelman (Netherlands), Eric Rullier (France), Carolynne Vaizey (UK)

  • T01: Transanal total mesorectal excision vs laparoscopic total mesorectal excision. Randomized study comparing 30-day postoperative morbidity - Maria Fernandez-Hevia (Spain)
  • T02: A randomised controlled trial of reinforcement of closure of stoma site using a biological mesh - ROCSS Trial Management Group (UK)
  • T03: MARVEL molecular pathologic and MRI investigation of the predictive and prognostic importance of extramural venous invasion in rectal cancer - Manish Chand (UK)
  • T04: The effect of anti-tumor necrosis factor agents on surgical stress response in patients with Crohn's disease undergoing abdominal surgery - Alaa El-Hussuna (Denmark)
  • T05: Hartmans versus intersphincteric abdominoperineal excision for rectal cancer HIP study - Dale Vimalachandran (UK)

Guidelines synthesis report

Chair: André D’Hoore (Belgium)

  • Guideline synopsis of perianal fistula and perianal Crohn’s disease - Willem Bemelman (Netherlands)
  • Discussion of studies for perianal fistula and perianal Crohn’s disease

Launch of the ESCP pan-European snapshot audit of Right Hemicolectomy/Ileo-caecal resection operations

Presenter: Thomas Pinkney (UK)

Hall 114

14:00 - 14:30

Wiley BlackwellKeynote Lecture: SILS - where are we?

Chair: Antonio Lacy (Spain)

Speaker: Marat Khaikin (Israel)

Supported by Colorectal Disease

Hall 115

14:30 - 15:30

Symposium: Proctologic complications/recurrences

Chairs: Christoph Isbert (Germany), Anders Mellgren (USA)

Hall 115

15:30 - 15:45

ESCP Fellowships UpdateMedtronicESCP: European Society of ColoproctologyCoviden: positive results for life

Supported by Covidien, ESCP and Medtronic

Hall 115

15:45 - 16:00

Coffee Break, Exhibition and Posters

Includes Lunchtime and Oral Posters, all other posters are available in Hall 112 on level P1

Exhibition Hall

16:00 - 17:00

Free Papers - Functional disorders

Chairs: David Waldron (Ireland), Sebastian Roka (Austria)

  • F01: Impact of bowel and ostomy function on quality of life after rectal cancer treatment. A population based cross-sectional study - Marie-Louise Feddern (Denmark)
  • F02: Exhausted implanted pulse generator in sacral nerve stimulation: what next in daily practice for faecal incontinent patients? - Emilie Duchalais (France)
  • F03: Does a defunctioning stoma affect long term anorectal function after low anterior resection of the rectum for cancer? - Soran Gadan (Sweden)
  • F04: Success of percutaneous titbal nerve stimulation for fecal incontinence persists more than 1 year after end of therapy - Christine Maurus (Switzerland)
  • F05: Sacral neuromodulation for persistent faecal incontinence after laparoscopic ventral rectopexy for high-grade internal rectal prolapse - Siriluck Prapasrivorakul (UK)
  • F06: Comparative study between Delorme operation with or without postanal repair and levateroplasty in treatment of complete rectal prolapse - Waleed Omar (Egypt)

Hall 115

Ethicon: part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companiesEthicon Satellite Symposium: Future treatments for advanced colon cancer

Hall 114

Educational: Workshop for Authors: How to write a paper

Chairs: Najib Haboubi (UK), John Nicholls (UK)

Hall 113

17:00 - 18:00

Symposium: Intestinal polyposis

Chairs: Sue Clark (UK), Dragomir Dardanov (Bulgaria)

  • New, non-invasive screening tools for colonic polyps - Frank Oort (Netherlands)
  • Familiar polyposis coli and related syndromes - Yann Parc (France)
  • The malignant rectal polyp: big operation, small operation or no operation? - Graham Williams (UK)
Hall 115

18:00 - 18:30

Oral Posters - IBD

Chairs: Mikael Machado (Sweden), Tryggvi Stefansson (Iceland)

  • OP01: Surgical meta-evidence and its challenges - Alexander Engel (Australia)
  • OP02: Impact of colorectal specialisation in perforated diverticulitis - learning curve in a reference centre over 10 years - Thomas Golda (Spain)
  • OP03: Anti-TNF-alpha agents and postoperative complications in Crohn’s disease patients. Lessons learned from 18 studies and 8 reviews - Alaa El-Hussuna (Denmark)
  • OP04: Dysplasia in ulcerative colitis is a predictor for both ileal pouch dysplasia and pouchitis - Jamie Murphy (USA)
  • OP05: The effects of anti-TNF therapy on clinical and radiological healing for perianal Crohn's fistulas - Nuha Yassin (UK)
  • OP06: Local surgical treatment of anastomotic complications after restorative proctocolectomy with good functional outcome, treatment algorithm - Zuzana Serclova (Czech Republic)

Hall 115

Oral Posters - Miscellaneous

Chairs: Gervasio Salgado (Spain), Zilvinas Saladzinskas (Lithuania)

  • OP07: Single incision laparoscopic surgery for diverticulits: also a good option in mild and moderate obesity - Andreas D. Rink (Germany)
  • OP08: Predictors of delayed surgery in complicated colonic diverticulitis - Pablo Palma (Spain)
  • OP09: Three hour postoperative arterial lactate is an independent predictor of postoperative outcomes following elective colorectal surgery - Konstantinos Lasithiotakis (UK)
  • OP10: New video-assisted minimally invasive technique for the treatment of pilonidal sinus: a prospective study - Gabriella Giarratano (Italy)
  • OP11: Adequacy of secondary versus primary assessment of surgical site infection in abdominal surgical randomised controlled trials - Jacob Matthews (UK)
  • OP12: High-dose barium enema filling for colon bleeding - Darija Soldatenkova (Latvia)

Hall 114

18:00 - 19:00

Educational: Best Publications of the Year

Presentation and discussion of the last year’s 4 best papers and their clinical impact

Chair: John Nicholls (UK)

  • IBD, rectal cancer, functional disease - Ronan O’Connell (Ireland)
  • Colon cancer, proctology, benign colonic disease - Daniel Dindo (Switzerland)

Hall 113

18:30 - 19:30


Free Papers - Proctology

Chairs: Evaghelos Xynos (Greece), Nir Wasserberg (Israel)

  • F07: Long-term outcome of fistulotomy for low peri-anal fistula: a multicenter study - Kevin Göttgens (The Netherlands)
  • F08: Stress, psychopathology and its impact on quality of life in chronic anal fissure (CAF) patients - Ozden Arisoy (Turkey)
  • F09: Evaluation of the anal sphincter function and integrity after LIFT procedure in fistula-in-ano: prospective study with anal manometry, EAUS and cleveland clinic fecal incontinence score - Hyeon keun Shin (Korea)
  • F10: Sphincter-saving treatment of recurrent complex anal fistula with video-assisted anal fistula treatment (VAAFT): a prospective study - Alessandro Stazi (Italy)
  • F11: Preliminary results of a European, multi-center, prospective, observational study of Permacol™ collagen paste injection for the treatment of anal fistulas - Pasquale Giordano (UK)
  • F12: Persistent anal pain after stapled procedures (PPH or STARR): which is the most objective finding and what we can do? Experience of a referral center - Claudia Dealta Emma Menconi (Italy)


Hall 115


Developing a core outcomes set for colorectal cancer studies

Chair: Dion Morton (UK)

Speakers: Angus McNair (UK), Dion Morton (UK)

  • Core outcomes sets (COS) for trials
  • Development of the colorectal cancer COS
  • Debate and interactive voting on the colorectal cancer COS
  • Ratification of the colorectal cancer COS
Hall 114

19:00 - 20:30

Welcome Reception (name badges required)

Exhibition Hall

ESCP Affiliates