DayKey Events

Wednesday 25 September

Anorectal and Pelvic Ultrasound Coursebk-medical-logo

Supported by BK Medical

applied-medical-logoThe Future of Transanal Surgery: TAMIS and BeyondThe Future of Transanal Surgery: TAMIS and Beyond

Workshop arranged by Applied Medical

Educational Workshop

Video surgery

Clinical Trials Update: New trials in the ESCP

Keynote Lecture: Colon cancer stem cells: Clinical and therapeutic implications

Workshop for Authors: How to write a paper

ethicon-logoEthicon Satellite Symposium:
Total mesorectal excision: from optimising technical aspects to minimising pitfalls
Symposium: Pelvic surgery for advanced and recurrent rectal cancer - where is the limit?
coviden-logoCovidien Satellite Symposium:
Improving patients' surgical and post-operative outcomes in colorectal procedures

Thursday 26 September

New: Educational Workshop: Spotlight Endoscopic Coloproctology

karl-storz-logoWorkshop arranged by Karl Storz

Research Focus: Standardising outcomes

Keynote Lecture: Haemorrhoids: cut, pexy, ligation: when and how

New: Industry 'Focus' Workshop: How to lower the risk of surgery

Symposium: Recto-urogenital fistulas

Keynote Lecture: Genetic of IBD

Covidien Satellite Symposium:
Benefits of using biologic materials in colorectal surgerycoviden-logo

Symposium: Faecal incontinence: Toward a less invasive approach

Friday 27 September

Keynote Lecture: Modern treatment of appendicitis

Symposium: Update on Crohn's Disease

Consultants’ Corner

ethicon-logoEthicon Satellite Symposium:
Improving outcomes in colorectal surgery: lessons from quality improvement projects in Enhanced Recovery and surgical audit

Keynote Lecture: Neoadjuvant treatment in colon cancer

Symposium: Diverticular Disease


Congress Language

The official language of the meeting is English. There are no facilities for simultaneous interpretation.

EBSQ Examinations

EBSQ examinations will be held on Tuesday 24 (written) and Wednesday 25 (individual interviews) September 2013, and will take place at the Falkensteiner Hotel, Belgrade.

CME points

The programme is equivalent to the following CME points, although it is not formally accredited:

  • Main symposia and lectures (Wednesday 25 September) - 6 points
  • Anorectal & Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Course (Wednesday 25 September) - 6 points
  • Educational Workshop (Wednesday 25 September) - 6 points
  • Main symposia and lectures (Thursday 26 September) - 6 points
  • Main symposia and lectures (Friday 27 September) - 6 point
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