ESCP’s Council has the following standing committees:

In addition, the following ad-hoc working groups have been formed, pending member ratification as formal ESCP committees at an AGM:

Current committee members are given below.

Communications Committee

  • Richard Brady (Chair)
  • Erman Aytac (Research Rep)
  • Goran Barasic (Membership Rep)
  • Peter Christensen
  • Edgar Furnée (Education Rep)
  • Mark Katory (Programme and Guidelines Rep)
  • Debby Keller (ex officio)
  • Gabriela Möslein (ex officio – ESCP Secretary)
  • Julius Orhalmi (Website Rep)
  • Gianluca Pellino (Young ESCP)
  • Baljit Singh (Journal Rep)
  • Antonio Sampaio Soares (Young ESCP Research Rep)
  • Antonino Spinelli (ex officio - Assistant Secretary)

Education Committee

  • Dieter Hahnloser (Chair)
  • Alvaro Garcia-Granero (Y-ESCP)
  • Antonino Spinelli (ex-officio/ESCP Ass.Secretary)
  • Baljit Singh
  • Cristian Blajut (Y-ESCP)
  • Danilo Miskovic
  • David Zimmerman
  • Edgar Furnée
  • Eloy Espin Basany (ex-officio)
  • Gabriela Möslein (ex-officio/ESCP Secretary)
  • Ines Rubio Perez (Y-ESCP)
  • Janindra Warusavitarne
  • Jasper Stijns (Y-ESCP)
  • Klaus Matzel (ESC Chair)
  • Marcos Gómez Ruiz
  • Mark Potter
  • Marek Zawadzki
  • Miguel Pera (ex officio/ESCP Treasurer)
  • Monica Millan (Y-ESCP)
  • Mostafa Shalaby (Y-ESCP)
  • Muhammad Imran Aslam
  • Pascal Doornebosch
  • Roel Hompes
  • Samson Tou
  • Tina van Loon (Young ESCP)

Find out more about the Education and Training Committee here

Guidelines Committee

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Chair)
  • Willem Bemelman
  • Stéphanie Breukink (Ass. Chair)
  • Rosa Jimenez-Rodriguez (Y-ESCP)
  • Mark Katory
  • Yasuko Maeda
  • Klaus Matzel
  • Ionut Negoi (Y-ESCP)
  • Luis Sánchez-Guillén (Y-ESCP)
  • Emre Sivrikoz (Y-ESCP)

Membership Committee

  • Roland Scherer (Chair)
  • Argyrios Ioannidis (Y-ESCP)
  • Alexey Moskalev
  • Goran Barisic
  • Frederic Ris
  • Martina Lemmerer
  • Jared Torkington
  • Donald Claeys

Find out about the work of the Membership Committee here

Programme Committee

  • Des Winter (Chair)
  • Alexey Petrov
  • Anna Lepistö
  • Andre D'Hoore
  • Antonino Spinelli (ex-officio, ESCP Ass. Secretary)
  • Beatriz Martin-Perez
  • Evangelos Xynos (ex-officio, ESCP President in Waiting)
  • Filippo La Torre
  • Gabriela Möslein (ex-officio, ESCP Secretary)
  • Katrine Emmertson
  • Mark Katory (Communications Committee liaison)
  • Martyn Evans
  • Martin Schneider
  • Nicola Fearnhead
  • Per Nilsson (ex-officio, ESCP Past President)
  • Quentin Denost
  • Samson Tou (Education Committee Liasion) 
  • Saulius Svagzdys
  • Thomas Schiedeck
  • Tomas Poskus
  • Willem Bemelman (ex-officio, ESCP President)
  • Zoran Krivokapic

Research Committee

  • Charles Knowles (Chair)
  • Tom Pinkney (Vice Chair)
  • Antonino Spinelli (ex-officio ASS. ESCP Secretary)
  • António Sampaio Soares (Young ESCP)
  • Audrius Dulskas
  • Carolynne Vaizey (ex-officio Guidelines Committee Chair)
  • Christianne Buskens
  • Dion Morton
  • Erman Aytac
  • Gabriela Möslein (ex officio, ESCP Secretary)
  • Matteo Frasson (Young ESCP Chair)
  • Muhammad Imran Aslam (Education Representative)
  • Nikolaos Gouvas
  • Oded Zmora
  • Quentin Denost
  • Steven Brown

Find out more about the Research Committee here

Cohort Studies Sub-Committee

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Chair)
  • Alaa El-Hussuna
  • Ana Maria Minaya Bravo
  • Aneel Bhangu
  • Baljit Singh
  • Christianne Buskens
  • Dion Morton (ex-officio)
  • Dmitri Nepogodiev
  • Elizabeth Li
  • Emre Sivrikoz
  • Francesco Pata
  • Gaetano Gallo
  • Gianluca Pellino
  • James Glasbey
  • Luis Sanchez Guillen
  • Michael Kelly
  • Matteo Frasson
  • Nick Battersby
  • Nicolas Buchs
  • Oded Zmora
  • Peter Neary
  • Sanjay Chaudhri
  • Stefan Clermonts
  • Sue Blackwell
  • Tomas Poskus

Find out more about the Cohort Studies Sub-Committee here

Regional Events Working Group

  • Paul Antoine Lehur (Chair)
  • Antonino Spinelli (ex officio, Ass. ESCP Secretary)
  • Audrius Dulskas (Research Rep)
  • Des Winter (Programme Rep)
  • Dieter Hahnloser (Education Rep)
  • Gabriela Möslein (ex officio, ESCP Secretary)
  • Klaus Matzel (EU School Rep)
  • Roland Scherer (Membership Rep)
  • Willem Bemelman (President)

Local Reps will be seconded to the Regional Events Working Group when required in the lead up to specific events.


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