On 16 Sep 2018

Delegates to the annual ESCP Meeting later this month will have the opportunity to hear from not one, but two experts in the field of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) when they attend the ESCP/ECCO symposium on ulcerative colitis.

On 4 Sep 2018

In our latest speakers interview ahead of the ESCP Annual Conference this year, we hear from Anders Mellgren and Giulio Santoro about their X° Endoanal and Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Workshop for ESCP meeting in Nice in September.

Carlo Ratto

On 29 Aug 2018

This week we speak to Carlo Ratto about his upcoming educational workshop 'AIN and HRA for Colorectal Surgeons' at ESCP's 2018 conference in Nice.

Petr Tsarkov

On 22 Aug 2018

Delegates to the annual ESCP Meeting this year will have the opportunity to discover the latest knowledge and techniques in dissecting lymphatic metastases of the para-aortic and lateral pelvic regions. This approach can also help prevent a number of common local recurrences, as well as improve survival in rectal cancer patients.

Lilli Lundby

On 15 Aug 2018

Faecal incontinence is sometimes regarded as a taboo subject - one that causes a lot of unhappiness for sufferers who will often avoid seeking help due to its embarrassing nature. It can impact sufferers’ daily lives, as many stay home and become isolated and depressed, thinking that a better quality of life is not possible. This is the motivation behind Lilli Lundby’s work in the area. 

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