Welcome to the Research Hub

ESCP is committed to seeing a growth in European collaboration to deliver high-quality research in coloproctology. This Research Hub contains resources designed to promote this aim, such as our highly successful multicentre snap-shot audits and international trials portfolio map.

We now have a regular 'Paper of the Month' review, where the latest internationally-significant developments in clinical and basic research are presented in brief.

Members are invited to contribute to the case reports forum with individual colorectal surgical cases. We encourage members to submit case reports that they feel would be interesting and valuable to their colleagues internationally.

We are also planning a monthly ‘Colorectal Scientific News’ where the latest internationally-significant developments in clinical and basic research are presented in brief.

The Research Committee is currently looking for new members. Applicants should send a letter of application, CV and a letter of recommendation to ESCP's Secretariat.

ESCP Research Committee 2017 (showing 10 of 12 members)Research Committee at ESCP Berlin

The core aims of the ESCP Research Committee are:

  • To deliver better care for patients through the promotion and support of clinical and translational research in all areas of coloproctology
  • To broaden engagement of ESCP members across all countries in clinical and translational research
  • To develop platforms and infrastructure support for international studies
  • To make the ESCP the leading global organisation for multinational colorectal surgical research

To deliver these core objectives, the committee will:

  • Provide an annual symposium to promote new European trials
  • Provide resources and support for core training in basic trial design and methodology for its members
  • Develop a network of trained clinicians to facilitate multi-national randomised trials and cohort studies
  • Support language translation of trial protocols and submission, through ‘ethics committees’, of multinational trials between our European partners

Research Committee Update, November 2017

The ESCP Research Committee has been actively shaping its strategy to improving the use of research for patient benefit. At the recent ESCP conference in Berlin, the Committee invited some of the leading researchers in the field to share their research findings, as well as presenting the results of ESCP Collaborative audits.

The ESCP hosted in Berlin round table discussions with patient representatives surgeons. The discussions highlighted how patients can make invaluable contributions to improving the development, delivery and dissemination of research. The participants are warmly thanked for their contributions.  

The ESCP 2017 audit recruited 5500 patients, the largest cohort so far. For the coming year, we are planning studies in:

  1. Subtotal colectomy and ileostomy for chronic ulcerative colitis – in collaboration with our gastroenterology colleagues.
  2. Parastomal hernia repair.
  3. Studies of robotic surgery (both intracorporeal anastomosis and LAR).

Interested clinicians are warmly invited to sign-up to the ESCP newsletter and Twitter for invitations to participate.

The next paper from the Right Hemicolectomy Audit has been published in our journal, Colorectal Disease.

The publication is from the consortium: all participating surgeons and hospitals are individually recognised.

The Research Committee is looking forward to further advances in colorectal care and research in 2018. 

Dion Morton
Research Committee Chair, on behalf of the Research Committee

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