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ESCP aims to establish high quality international guidelines for the treatment of diseases within its scope, using the best available evidence. By providing this guidance, ESCP hopes to improve the outcomes such as recurrence of disease, complications, symptoms and patient satisfaction.

In 2017 ESCP established its Guidelines Committee, whose members have already collaborated in the production of several published guidelines.

The processes and methods are informed by internationally recognised criteria of quality of guidelines.

Below are projects that the Guidelines Committee and colleagues are currently working on and a committee update.

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 There are a number of ongoing guidelines projects:

  1. Guideline for management of pilonidal disease
  2. SSI & UEG (EAES & SIS-E) guideline 
  3. T1 cancer guideline
  4. How to develop guidelines
  5. Functional outcome after colorectal surgery

Other projects:

  1. UEG GI Guidelines app

Guideline for management of pilonidal disease

Led by Asha Senapati

July 2023 Update: The guidelines have been written. The GRADE process is underway. A meeting is to be arranged in July for sign off of the document.

SSI & UEG (EAES & SIS-E) guideline

Led by Adele Sayer & Yasuko Maeda​

December 2023 Update: 

The project remains significantly delayed. Systematic reviews and RCT's have been chosen. Groups have been asked to quality review systematic reviews to get the ball rolling.  All involved have done a fantastic job over a very intense last few months and the team are confident of producing a high quality guideline early in 2024.

T1 cancer guideline

Led by Triantafyllos Doulias

December 2023 Update:

Literature review has started and subgroups are being identified.

How to develop guidelines

Led by Yasuko Maeda and Adele Sayers

December 2023 Update: 

The video has been developed and recorded, and now awaits final edits. Nearly there!

Functional outcome after colorectal surgery

Led by Stéphanie Breukink

December 2023 Update:

We are currently in the final stages of revision the manuscript and working towards submitting the guideline for publication in December ​

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Key features include:

  • Interactive diagnosis and treatment algorithms
  • Scores and calculators
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  • Executive summaries of the most important recommendations of each guideline
  • Visual abstracts
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Committee Update 2023

ESCP’s Guidelines Committee continues to thrive. Stéphanie Breukink stepped down as Chair in September, being replaced by long standing Guidelines committee member Triantafyllos Doulias.

The following guidelines were presented at Vilnius 2023:

  • European guideline on prevention, assessment and treatment of surgical site infections following digestive surgery: UEG, ESCP, EASE and SIS-E consensus | Adele Sayers​
  • A multidisciplinary European Guideline on the assessment and management of gastrointestinal outcomes following surgery for colorectal cancer (EAES/ ESPCG/ ESPEN/ ESNM/ ESSO/ ESCP) Anke Gielen​
  • EHS- ESCP-EAES rapid guideline: parastomal hernia profylaxis | Stavros Antoniou​
  • Guideline for the management of Pilonidal Disease | Asha Senapati​
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