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ESCP aims to establish high quality international guidelines for the treatment of diseases within its scope, using the best available evidence. By providing this guidance, ESCP hopes to improve the outcomes such as recurrence of disease, complications, symptoms and patient satisfaction.

In 2017 ESCP established its Guidelines Committee, whose members have already collaborated in the production of several published guidelines.

The processes and methods are informed by internationally recognised criteria of quality of guidelines.

Below are projects that the Guidelines Committee and colleagues are currently working on and a committee update.

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 There are currently four ongoing guidelines projects and three development of new guidelines:

  1. Guideline for management of pilonidal disease
  2. Social media guideline
  3. Guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of cryptoglandular perianal fistula
  4. FAP guideline
  5. SSI & UEG (EAES & SIS-E) guideline
  6. Guidance on colorectal robotic training
  7. T1 cancer guideline
  8. How to develop guidelines
  9. Functional outcome after colorectal surgery
  10. ODS

Other projects:

  1. UEG GI Guidelines app

Guideline for management of pilonidal disease

Led by Asha Senapati

December Update: PICO statements have nearly all been completed. Systematic Reviews and Metanalyses are all graded, now adding grades to the statements. Further meeting with the group in the new year to finalise the statements will will form bulk of the guildeines.

Social media guideline

Steering committee: Rosa Jimenez and Luis Sánchez-Guillén (Chairs), Richard Brady, Julio Mayol, Gianluca Pellino and Des Winter.

Members: Ruth Blanco Colino, Gaetano Gallo, Francesco Pata, Jonathan Segal, James Ashcroft, Gonzalo P Martín-Martín, Hector Guadalajara, Jana Dziakova, Alaa El-Hussuna, Mariyah Anwer.

December Update:

Guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of cryptoglandular perianal fistula

Led by Kevin Gottgens, Lillian Reza, Phil Tozer and David Zimmerman.

December Update: On track to be ready for publication by the end of 2022

FAP guideline

Led by Gloria Zaffaroni

SSI & UEG (EAES & SIS-E) guideline

Led by Gianluca Pellino

Guidance on colorectal robotic training

Led by Samson Tou

December Update: Finalising the first draft of the protocol and will have the draft prior to the Guidelines Committee Meeting on 12 December 2022.

T1 cancer guideline

Led by: Triantafyllos Doulias

December Update: 

  • We have worked on the methodology of the project which was emailed to the guideline's committees of the societies SAGES, BGS which have reviewed and are happy to endorse the project
  • I am having a meeting with the Editor in Chief of Colorectal Disease Journal to discuss joint publication on UEG and Colorectal Disease journals. We are waiting for the ACPGBI to reply to us on their support on the project/ potentially joint publication
  • A google questionnaire was sent to the panel members for finalizing the PICOS
  • We are having a virtual meeting with the panel members on the 5th of January to discuss the PICOS and then split the members to subgroups
  • Jos is on board and is ready to start the research on the PICOS (after the virtual meeting

How to develop guidelines

Led by Gianluca Pellino

December Update:

Functional outcome after colorectal surgery

Led by Stéphanie Breukink

December Update:


Led by Gaetano Gallo

December Update: We are in the preliminary phase of evaluation of outcomes and statements. Gaetano contacted all members of the seven socieites involved, once feedback is received they will begin the literary review.

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Key features include:

  • Interactive diagnosis and treatment algorithms
  • Scores and calculators
  • Full guideline texts with bookmark and notes function
  • Executive summaries of the most important recommendations of each guideline
  • Visual abstracts
  • Possibility to share your favourite content via WhatsApp, email and social media

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Committee Update 2022

ESCP’s Guidelines Committee is continuing to go from strength to strength. Stéphanie Breukink is pleased to have Triantafyllos Doulias on the Guidelines Committee as the new Assistant Chair. He has been a member of the Committee since 2020; she also gives a warm welcome to Nikki Christou, Audrius Dulskas, Fabian Grass, Adele Sayers and Robert Siegel.

The Guidelines Committee has secured grants from UEG to support Guidelines on:

  • European Guideline on multidisciplinary management of obstructed defecation syndrome
  • A multidisciplinary European Guideline on the assessment and management of gastrointestinal outcomes following surgery for colorectal cancer and following benign colorectal surgery
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