In addition to the events listed below, the program includes free papers, lunchtime poster sessions, and oral posters. Click on the dates below for the full program for each day.

DayKey Events
Wednesday 23 September

Pre-meeting Course: Anorectal and Pelvic Floor Ultrasound

Pre-meeting Course: Core Subject Update

Thursday 24 September

Video Surgery

Clinical Trials Update (presentation of trials abstracts)

Keynote Lecture: Retrorectal Tumours

Symposium: Hereditary Cancer

Keynote Lecture: Aetiology and Biology of Crohn’s Disease

Symposium: Technical Advances

Friday 25 September

Symposium: Diverticular Disease

Keynote Lecture: Fistula in Ano

Consultants’ Corner

Keynote Lecture: Colonic Irrigation for Functional Disorder

Symposium: Colonic Cancer

Saturday 26 September

Symposium: IBD Update

Keynote Lecture: Is Laparoscopy Delivering?

Symposium: Functional Pelvic Floor Disorders

ESCP Annual General Meeting

Please note: The official language of the meeting is English. There will be no facilities for simultaneous interpretation this year.

CME points

The CME allocation of points for the meeting in Prague is:

  • 6 points: Core Subject Update Workshop, Wednesday 23 September
  • 6 points: Anorectal & Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Course, Wednesday 23 September
  • 6 points: Main symposia and lectures, Thursday 24 September
  • 6 points: Main symposia and lectures, Friday 25 September
  • 6 points: Main symposia and lectures, Saturday 26 September
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