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The land of fire is a country in the South Caucasus region, situated at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic proclaimed its independence in 1918. The country was incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1920 as the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. The modern Republic of Azerbaijan proclaimed its independence in 1991. History of medicine in Azerbaijan has deep roots. Baku State University with a medicine faculty was established  in 1919. Professor V.I.Razumovskiy, an eminent surgeon, became its first chairman (until 1920). Azerbaijan State Medical Institute was established in 1930. Outstanding Azerbaijan scientists such as M.Mirgasimov, M.A.Topchubashov, A.M.Aliyev, I.M.Ismayilzadah  and more others graduated from this institute and  brought Azerbaijan medical science fame. Academicians such as Mirasadulla Mirgasimov, Mustafa Topchubashov, Boyukishi  Agayev and professors such as Alibey Alibeyov, Kamil Balakishiyev and others became world-famous scientists and doctors.

The Azerbaijan Surgical and Gastroenterology  Accosiation was established in 1999.  The Society of Coloproctology  was founded in 2016. The famous scientisit  in Colorectal Surgery of Azerbaijan was professor Hasan Sultanov.

Population:9 million

ESCP members:14

Societies: Azerbaijan Surgical and Gastroenterology  Accosiation

ESCP Representative Name: Aynur Safiyeva ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

National Examination: General Surgery including Coloproctology



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