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Population: 3,080,000 (2012)
Colorectal Surgeons: 17
Society: Lietuvos koloproktologų draugija
ESCP Representative Name: Zilvinas Saladzinskas
National Examination: No
Journal(s): Medicina, Lietuvos chirurgija


Coloproctology in Lithuania has a history of 500 years. In 1509 the first organization was founded dealing with wounds and treatment of fractures and haemorrhoids. The professional training of medical specialists in Lithuania was started in 1781, following the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine at the Vilnius Academy.
Professor J. Frankas in his book “Practical Medical Advice” described the causes of the rectal cancer, its spreading, course, treatment and consequences. Four dissertations were defended on the topic of proctology: in 1812 by M. Galenzovskis (Mathias Galenzowski, lithvanus, “De Haemorrhoidibus in genere, et praecipue de cura haemrrhoidum coecarum”), in 1816 by A.Abicht (Adolphus Abicht, erlangensis, “De intestinorum coartatione diarrhoeae chronicae causa minus vulgata”), by J. Heltzl in 1827 (Josephus Heltzl, volhyniensis, “De ani fistula”), and by H. Javlovskis (Hieronymus Jawlowski, lithuanus, “De carcinomate intestini recti”) in 1842, describing thereof the amputation of the rectum in the case of cancer, performed by J. Korženevskis on July 13, 1840 at the Vilnius Surgery Academy. This is the first such operation performed not only in Lithuania, but also in the former Russian Empire.

Lithuanian Society of Coloproctology was established in 1991 in Kaunas and to date, it has organized six national congresses, more than 25 seminars with large international participation, one international meeting, the Central European Meeting in Coloproctology and Viscerosynthesis and international course on recent advances in the management of colorectal cancer. The Society has 68 members. Additionally, the Kaunas Club of Coloproctologists was established in 2001 with 27 members, laying on annual international seminars in the field of coloproctology.

Current Research

Preoperative Chemoradiation Versus Short Term Radiation Alone With Delayed Surgery for Stage II and III Resectable Rectal Cancer

Future Plans

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