National Details

National Population: 4.77 million

ESCP Members: 62

Societies: Irish Association of Coloproctology & Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland

ESCP Ireland Representative: Mr Jurgen Mulsow (

National Examination: Intercollegiate Fellowship Examination (Colorectal) (FRCSI Gen Surg)

Journal: Colorectal Disease


Irish Association of Coloproctology

President: Mr Kourosh Khosraviani (2017 - )

Secretary: Mr John Burke (2017 - )

The Irish Association of Coloproctology is an all-Ireland organisation of surgeons with members in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our AGM takes place each May and is held jointly with the Chapter Meeting of The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland (

The current President (2018-) of the Irish Association of Coloproctology is Mr Kourosh Khosraviani (Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast), and the Secretary is Mr John Burke (Beaumont Hospital, Dublin). The ESCP representative from the IACP is Mr Jurgen Mulsow (Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin).

The IACP has been actively involved with the National Cancer Control Program in the development of a surgical treatment plan for Rectal Cancer in the Republic of Ireland. Best Practice Guidelines have been drawn up by the NCCP based on a document produced by the IACP. The IACP is actively continuing and promoting a participation in this role. Contacts are also being developed with the Post Graduate Training Body in Ireland (RCSI) in the context of surgical training in the area of specialty training in Colorectal Surgery.


IACP Annual Meetings

2019 The annual meeting will take place in Beaumont Hospital Dublin on 24-25th May. The meeting will incorporate a Festschrift for Mr Joseph Deasy, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at Beaumont Hospital.


Friday 24th May

700 - 1300 Hands on TAMIS course

1400 - 1500 Pelvic Floor disorders

1530 Consultants Corner

1630 Interacting Specialities

1930 Annual Dinner


Saturday 25th May

900 Keynote Speaker Prof Brendan Moran

930 Keynote Speaker Prof Ronan O'Connell

1000 Video Session

1100 Trainee session


For information contact Mr John Burke, IACP Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


2018 The annual meeting was held in Belfast, hosted by Mr Kourosh Khosraviani. Prof James Hill, President ACPGBI, gave the Guest Lecture on the topic of stenting for malignant large bowel obstruction.

2017 This year's IACP meeting was held in Waterford, and was hosted by Mr Fiachra Cooke.

2016 This year's IACP meeting was held in conjunction with the Royal Society of Medicine (Section of Coloproctology) Overseas Meeting, and was hosted by the Mater Hospital, Dublin.

2015 The 2015 meeting was hosted by St. James' Hospital, Dublin.

2014 The 2014 meeting was held in Belfast, hosted by the President Mr John Moorehead.

2013 The 2013 meeting was hosted by St. James' Hospital, Dublin.

2012 The Annual Meeting of the IACP was held on the 11th and 12th May in Cork, hosted by the President, Mr. Michael ORiordain. Professor Fergus Shanahan, Professor of Medicine at University College Cork (NUI) and Consultant Gastroenterologist, Cork University Hospital  gave the Guest Lecture on the topic of Alimentary Bacteria and their influence on Gastointestinal Pathology. 


Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland ( is the postgraduate training body and colorectal surgeons are well-represented on its governing Council. In more recent years, the number of academic posts in Coloproctology have greatly increased with a concomitant increase in the number and impact of colorectal publications originating in Ireland.


Upcoming Meetings

Association of Coloproctology Great Britain & Ireland, Convention Centre Dublin, 1-3rd July 2019

Irish Association of Coloproctology, Beaumont Hospital, 24-25th May 2019

Pelican IMPACT, Mater Hospital Dublin, 10th December 2018

Irish Association of Coloproctology, Belfast, May 2018

UK & Ireland Peritoneal Meeting 2017







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