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Resource Library

Resource Library

video POLARS tool to pre-operatively predict the LARS score

By In Complications

POLARS (Pre-Operative Low Anterior Resection Syndrome Score) online form.

pdf Development and external validation of a nomogram and online tool to predict bowel dysfunction following restorative rectal cancer resection: the POLARS score

By In Complications

Paper from the UK and Danish LARS Study Groups. Battersby NJ, et al. Gut 2017;0:1–9. doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2016-312695

pdf Informed consent for the treatment of bowel disfunction after anterior resection

By In Complications

Nick Battersby's presentation 'POLARS – Informed consent before treatment' and video 'Informing patients of post anterior resection bowel dysfunction'.

video Indication and treatment of LARS to improve quality of life

By In Complications

Professor Søren Laurberg talks about the foundations of patient care for the after-effects of intestinal cancer treatment.

pdf Extreme cases of pilonidal disease requiring plastic surgery

By In Pilonidal Disease

Dr Louis Banka Johnson of Malmoe University Hospital submitted this presentation for ESCP's Pilonidal Disease Month, December 2017.

pdf Introduction to Pilonidal Disease

By In Pilonidal Disease

For ESCP's Pilonidal Disease month, Prof Luigi Basso introduces the key debates among surgeons on the best methods to treat this condition, which has a debilitating and demoralising impact on predominantly young patients.

pdf A plea for minimally invasive surgery: less is better (… with exceptions)

By In Pilonidal Disease

Professor Luigi Basso's presentation for ESCP's Pilonidal Disease Month, December 2017.

video Core Subject Update: Guidelines for faecal incontinence

By In Incontinence

Educational session - Yasuko Maeda (UK) at ESCP Berlin 2017

video Core Subject Update: Management of acute diverticulitis

By In Diverticular Disease

Educational session - Marja A Boermeester (The Netherlands) at ESCP Berlin 2017

video Core Subject Update: MRI in rectal cancer treatment

By In Rectal Cancer

Educational session - Geerard Beets (The Netherlands) at ESCP Berlin 2017

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