On 3 Mar 2023

In this interview, Dr Jeremy Meyer interviews Prof Frédéric Ris about a new technique for repairing the puborectalis muscle in women with anal incontinence.

On 1 Mar 2023

An interview with Professor Arantxa Muñoz Duyos, Colorectal Surgeon, Clinical Head of Surgery at Hospital Universitari Mútuterrassa in Barcelona.

On 27 Feb 2023

An interview with Professor Steven D. Wexner who shares his insights on current trends on treatment of faecal incontinence in the USA.

On 23 Feb 2023

Dr Jeremy Meyer interviews Prof. Guillaume Meurette, past president of the French society of coloproctology, about guidelines for anal incontinence.

On 20 Feb 2023

In this interview, Mr Papagrigoriadis shares with the ESCP audience tips and tricks on current treatment of faecal incontinence.

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