On 26 Feb 2019

ESCP focused on the topic of faecal incontinence throughout January. This was coordinated by Peter Christensen, Communications Committee Chair and Professor and Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at the Pelvic Floor Unit, Department of Surgery, Aarhus University Hospital. Various colorectal experts got involved and shared insight in the form of articles, videos and visual abstracts.

Katrine Emmertsen

On 29 Jan 2019

LARS expert, Katrine Emmertsen, describes a mixed pathophysiological model for LARS in her article submitted for Faecal Incontinence Month.

Charles Knowles

On 28 Jan 2019

Charles Knowles kicks off this month's topic, Faecal Incontinence, with a review of what is known about the efficacy of percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for treating adults with faecal incontinence.

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