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Welcome to the Italian Webpage of the European Society Coloproctology.

The Italian health-care system delivers public care to anyone who is legally resident in Italy.

In Italy, Coloproctology is a surgical subspecialty without formal or official recognition; however more than 1000 Surgeons are currently affiliated to the Italian Society of Colonproctology (S.I.C.C.R).

Several Colorectal and coloproctology Units, throughout the Country, deliver high quality medical and surgical care to colorectal patients. Head of a Colorectal Unit is specialist in General Surgery with a specific interest and training in Colorectal Surgery.

The SICCR has contributed to spreading information to members and patients through its webpage (www.siccr.org). The society has established Guidelines, Video library, Interviews, and Training Centers.

There is a great interest to the EBSQ-qualification in Italy but at the moment there are not specific courses to prepare the potential candidates.   

The following are the most significant training opportunities in coloproctology:

  • Special schools of Coloproctology: they run one-years courses on specific topics such as pelvic floor US, laparoscopic colorectal surgery, etc.
  • Centre for excellence and training: they provide hands on activities, such us short and long term visit to renown tertiary referral Centers for Rectal Cancer, IBD, etc
  • Master degree in coloproctology: University based, they offer the opportunity of one or two years’ fellowship. There is a scientific committee and an academic faculty.

For formal training opportunities, please visit the following links

  • Master  in Colorectal surgery and IBD. Tor Vergata University, Rome


  • Master in Colorectal surgery. Cattolica University, Rome


  • Master universitario Digestive endoscopy. University of Torino



  • International Colorectal Fellowship – Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan



ESCP Members: 82

ESCP Representative: Giuseppe S. Sica, MD, PhD. Università Tor Vergata, Rome – Italy.

Department of Surgery. Minimally Invasive & Gastro-Intestinal Surgery, Head

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1999 Establishing the international Journal “Technique in Coloproctoly” official journal of the SICCR

2003 Establishing of the new Italian Society for Colorectal Surgery (SICCR)

2003 Establishing of the new Society for Coloproctology (SIUCP)

2005  Establishing the Italian group for IBD (IgIBD)

2012 Establishing the Programma Nazionale Esiti (PNE). This is a national registry (regional based) that contain all the information on colon and rectal cancer surgery, including volume per surgeon and clinical outcome

Italian Guidelines colon, rectum and anus, please visit https://www.siccr.org/linee-guida/

Current Research and International Trials Italian driven


  • HAND2END Study 

Comparing manual versus staplered side to side ileocolic anastomosis in Crohn's Disease, a randomized trial.



  • SuPREMeCD study

Surgical Prevention of Anastomotic Recurrence by Excluding Mesentery in Crohn's Disease



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