ESCP's AGM will take place on Thursday 22 September 2022 at the CCD in Dublin, Ireland in the Auditorium at 18:00-19:00 GMT.

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    Led by
1 President’s Welcome & Report Klaus Matzel

Minutes of the Virtual AGM on Wednesday 22 September 2021

Voting required to ratify minutes

Antonino Spinelli

ESCP would like to remember colleagues who have sadly passed this year

  • Professor Cornelius G.M.I Baeten by Stéphanie Breukink
  • Professor Zoran Krivokapic by Evangelos Xynos

ESCP would like to remember other colleagues who have sadly passed this year


Secretary’s Report:

  • Membership fees increase 


Voting required ratify the Membership Fee Increase

  • Membership update
  • Honorary Member update
Antonino Spinelli
5 Committees’ reports

Written reports for Education Committee, European School of Coloproctology, Communications Committee, Journal, Research Committee, Guidelines Committee, Membership Committee, Regional Events Working Group and Y-ESCP will be available online.

Election of New Executive Officers and Ordinary Members of Council
Executive Officers: Including new appointments.

  • President: Eloy Espin Basany
  • President Elect: Oded Zmora
  • President in Waiting: Antonino Spinelli
  • Past President: Klaus Matzel
  • Ass. Secretary: Carolynne Vaizey
  • Ass. Treasurer: Hagit Tulchinsky
  • Communications Chair: Erman Aytac
  • Ass. Guidelines Chair: Triantafyllos Doulias
  • Membership Chair: Frederic Ris
  • Research Chair: Thomas Pinkney

Voting required to ratify the New Executive Officers

Executive Officers: Demitting Office Ceremony

  • Past President: Evangelos Xynos
  • Communications Chair: Richard Brady
  • Membership Chair: Roland Scherer
  • Research Chair: Charles Knowles


  • Past President: Willem Bemelman
  • Education Chair: Dieter Hahnloser
  • Programme Chair: Des Winter


  • Past President: Per Nilsson
  • Secretary: Gabriela Möslein
  • Guidelines Chair: Carolynne Vaizey

Communications Committee Members

  • Ines Rubio Perez Education Representative
  • Triantafyllos Doulias Guidelines Representative
  • Zoe Garoufalia *Programme Representative

Programme Committee Members

  • Christina Fleming
  • Emma Carrington
  • Guglielmo Niccolo Piozzi
  • Jan Grosek
  • Jim Khan
  • Nicolas Avellaneda
  • Nir Wasserberg
  • Sezai Leventoglu
  • Sharaf Karim Perdawood
  • Zoe Garoufalia *Representative to Communications Committee

Council officers

  • Regional Representatives (outgoing, incoming)

*Donald Claeys will stay in post for another 12 months as Regional Representative for the Western Region

  • National Representatives (outgoing, incoming)


Voting required to ratify the New Committee Members, Regional and National Representatives.

Antonino Spinelli
7 Treasurer's Report Miguel Pera

Trustee’s Report
Apology from Giovanni Romano.

Re-election of Trustees continuing in office:

  • New Chair: Mike Parker (UK) West
  • Giovanni Romano (Italy) Central
  • Adam Dziki (Poland) East
  • Anna Martling (Sweden) Central
  • Evgeny Rybakov (Russia) East
  • Julio Leite (Portugal) West
  • Sebastiano Biondo (Spain) West
  • Thomas Schiedeck (Germany) Central
  • Tom Scheinin (Finland) East

Voting required to ratify to Elect Mike Parker as Chair of the Trustees
Voting required to Re-Elect the Trustees

Election of ESCP’s Auditors

  • Whitelaw Wells

Voting required to ratify to Re-Appoint the Auditors

Mike Parker
9 Inauguration of new President: Eloy Espin Basany Klaus Matzel

Date of the next AGM:

The next AGM will be held on Thursday 28 September 2023 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Antonino Spinelli
11 Close of meeting  


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