ESCP AGM Agenda Nice 2018

Thursday 27 September 2018: 16:30 – 17:15 at the Acropolis, Plenary Hall

  1. President's Welcome and Report
  2. Minutes of the AGM in Berlin on 21 September 2017
  3. Secretary’s Report
    1. Membership update
    2. Membership fee increase January 2019
    3. Honorary member update
  4. Committees reports
    Written reports for: Education Committee, Communications Committee, Journal, Research Committee, Guidelines Committee, Membership Committee, Regional Events Working Group
  5. Election of Officers and Ordinary Members of Council
    Executive Officers: including new appointments
    • President: Per Nilsson
    • President Elect: Willem Bemelman
    • President in Waiting: Evangelos Xynos
    • Assistant Treasurer: Miguel Pera
    • Education Chair: Dieter Hahnloser
    • Programme Chair: Des Winter
    Executive Officers: Demitting Office
    • Past President: Emmanuel Tiret
    • Education Chair: Klaus Matzel
    • Programme Chair: Anna Martling
    • Journal Representative: Peter Dawson
    Council Officers:
    • Regional Representatives (outgoing, incoming)
    • National Representatives (outgoing, incoming)
  6. Treasurer's Report
  7. Trustee’s Report
    1. Re-election of all Trustees
    2. Election of Auditors
  8. Inauguration of new President
  9. Close of meeting

Download the Nice 2018 Agenda here (PDF)

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