The first Society of Kyiv Physicians was founded in 1840 on the initiative of I.P. Кудрявцева, Л.Ф. Grotkovsky, FF Meringue. The chairman of the society at one time were surgeons IP Kudryavcev, В.О. Karavaev, H.Ya. Gubbenett. In 1908, under the leadership of MM Volkovych, the Kyiv Society of Surgeons began its work. At its first meeting, MM Volkovych defined the purpose of the society as a service to the science and art of surgery. These words of the outstanding surgeon became the motto of the organization, which to this day inspires its members to conquer new heights in medicine. The founders of the society were also well-known in Ukraine and abroad surgeons L.O. Malinowski, EG Chernyakhovsky, VP Obraztsov, AG Radzievsky, FG Janowski. During the 20-year period of the company's activity, 199 meetings were held, at which 510 scientific reports were presented. After the death of MM Volkovych, the Kyiv Society of Surgeons was headed by Professor Hryhoriy Semenovych Ivanytsky, the founder of the Ukrainian School of Orthopedists, the organizer of the establishment of the Department of Dental Surgery of the Kyiv Medical Institute. A great contribution to the development of world surgery was also made by O.P. Krymov, І.М. Ishchenko, OO Fedorovsky, MM Ковальов, В.Ф. Saenko, Yu.M. Mokhnyuk, who later headed the company. Since 2004, the Company operates under the leadership of Zakharash MP

 In 1957, the Kyiv Society of Surgeons was renamed the Society of Surgeons of Kyiv and Kyiv region. Since the middle of the twentieth century. meetings of the society were marked by interdisciplinary character: for example, in 1959 at one of them the report "Basic principles of anesthesia in modern surgery" was presented by the outstanding domestic anesthesiologist AI Crack.

The activities of the society were not limited to holding scientific meetings. At the initiative of the members of the board of the society, burn centers and polytrauma centers were established, and in 1963 the Kyiv Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery was founded. In the 70's of XX century. The rapid development of such areas of surgery as resuscitation, transfusiology, oncology, surgery of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, esophagus, surgical hepatology, transplantology, pediatric surgery, proctology and others began. This was the impetus for the establishment of specialized centers in Kyiv: the Center for Surgery of the Liver and Extrahepatic Bile Ducts and Pancreas (in 1982), the City Center for Gastrointestinal Bleeding (in 1982), the Ukrainian Proctology Center (in 1986). ).

 In the XXI century. science is developing extremely rapidly, so the task of society members is to know about modern world trends in its development. To this end, it is planned to deepen the cooperation of the Scientific Society of Surgeons of Kyiv and Kyiv region with other regional scientific societies, strengthen and expand international relations, invite to participate meetings of leading domestic and foreign scientists, hold field meetings on the basis of leading clinics. Kyiv

Proctologists (as a separate specialty), surgeons who have been trained in proctology, and oncologists specializing in oncoproctology deal with proctological diseases in Ukraine.


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