Executive Officers

There are no positions available at present.


Applicants should send a letter of application, CV and a letter of recommendation to ESCP's Secretariat.

Appointments for Committees are handled by the Chair of the Committee concerned; the Executive recently discussed the rotation of officers on Committees and have recommended to Chairs that a three year term of office should be implemented from 2016 onwards. This will mean that opportunities to join Committees will come up each September, so if you have an interest in any specific area and are able to commit time to serving the Society in this way, please contact us.

Please note: in accordance with the Rules, it is policy that the Chair of any Committee should first have served as a member of that committee.

National Representatives

The responsibility for appointing National Representatives lies with the ESCP members within each country, under the guidance and agreement of the Membership Committee.

National Representatives change office every 3 years and each September the term of office for a number of ESCP National Representatives draws to an end. 

Regional Representatives

The responsibility for appointing Regional Representatives lies with the Membership Committee. Regional Representatives change office every 3 years and the vacancies for 2019-2022 are within the western and central regions.

Regional representatives need to have served as a national representative before being nominated.

If you have any recommendations, or wish to be considered for a Regional Representative post, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Decisions are finalised at the AGM meeting which takes place in September. The Executive ultimately decide on all appointments.

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