Call to Action for Guidelines Committee

ESCP's Guidelines Committee is looking for new members.

At ESCP, we are committee to developing guidelines of the highest quality to improve patients' care and promote same surgery around Europe and beyond. We are looking for dynamic and enthusiastic members to join the committee.

Applicants should submit the following documents to the ESCP Secretariat:

Appointments will be handled by the Committee Chair

Applications are now CLOSED



Call to Action for Y-ESCP Committee

The Committee is responsible for the organisation of the Y-ESCP Programme and session at the annual meeting, and of other initiatives to encourage the participation of young coloproctologists in the activities of the ESCP. The members of this committee are also seconded to one of the main committees.

The Y-ESCP Committee will meet during the Annual Meeting in Dublin this coming September and by teleconference at least three times per year.

Eligibility Criteria: You must be a fully paid member of ESCP to apply.

Term of Office: Three-Year term

Y-ESCP are looking for a total of ten members to join the committee of which their key responsibilities are:

  • Facilitate members younger than 40 years of age or still in training to further develop their interests in colorectal surgery.
  • Development of a solid international network of young colorectal surgeons as part of ESCP.
  • The Y-ESCP Committee is responsible to the Executive and the Council for promotion issues related to the enhancement of young members presence in the activities of the ESCP in terms of Education, Training and Research.
  • The Committee shall host a specific session (or more sessions) at the annual meeting for young members.
  • The Committee can deliver courses (online and presential, at the congress) targeting young members of the ESCP. Courses will be developed by Y-ESCP Committee joint with the ESCP Education Committee. Courses can be organised jointly with ESCP partner societies and shall be approved by the Education and Executive Committee.
  • The Y-ESCP Committee promotes collaborations with sister societies, aiming to facilitate joint projects and initiatives that could benefit the young members of involved societies.
  • The Y-ESCP Committee will work with members of ESCP Committees.
  • The Y-ESCP group shall include student members (“students of ESCP”) and supervise/guide them through the initiatives of the Society.
  • The Y-ESCP Committee shall produce content to be shared via a dedicated email list to Y-ESCP members.

If you are interested in joining this Committee, we require the following documents:

1. CV including:
date of birth
your level of training

2. Letter of Intent which must include:
your experience and background if any in other societies
your motivation for the role and what can you do to help ESCP
show that you have enough time to dedicate to this important role


National Representatives

The responsibility for appointing National Representatives lies with the ESCP members within each country, under the guidance and agreement of the Membership Committee.

National Representatives change office every 3 years and each September the term of office for a number of ESCP National Representatives draws to an end. 

Regional Representatives

The responsibility for appointing Regional Representatives lies with the Membership Committee. Regional Representatives change office every 3 years and the vacancy for 2020-2023 are within the Eastern region.

Regional representatives need to have served as a national representative before being nominated.

If you have any recommendations, or wish to be considered for a Regional Representative post, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Decisions are finalised at the AGM meeting which takes place in September. The Executive ultimately decide on all appointments.

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