Miguel Cunha  and Christos Kontovounisios

On 22 Jul 2021

In Episode 4 of our Colorectal Cutting Edge series, Miguel Cunha interviews Christos Kontovounisios about PROMs.

Calvin Coffey, Christina Fleming and Cristián Gallardo

On 7 May 2021

Cristián Gallardo interviews Calvin Coffey and Christina Fleming on the subject of mesenteric principles and mesenteric-based colorectal surgery, in the third episode of our Cutting Edge series.

Miguel Cunha and Antonio Spinelli

On 18 Mar 2021

In Episode 2 of our Colorectal Cutting Edge series, Miguel Cunha interviews Professor Antonino Spinelli about TTSS, a new anastomotic technique.

Portable tablet allowing theater overview

On 12 Feb 2021

In the first of our ‘Colorectal Cutting Edge’ series, Miguel Cunha interviews Peter Coyne and Jim Khan, both members of ACPGBI’s Robotic Sub-committee.

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