The Executive Committee has responsibility for the day-to-day running of ESCP and convenes regularly throughout the year, either face to face or by telephone conference.

The President is elected annually, and selected on a rotational basis from each of ESCP’s three geographic regions (eastern, central and western). The Executive Committee nominates a president for ratification and election at the Annual General Meeting.

The Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman of the Scientific Programme Committee each hold office for three years, and are nominated for election by the Executive Committee, approved by Council and formally appointed at the AGM. During their last year of office, they are shadowed by the incoming officer for one year to ensure a smooth handover.

Current Executive Committee

Oded Zmora
President Elect:
Antonino Spinelli
President in Waiting:
Miguel Pera
Immediate Past President:
Eloy Espin Basany
Carolynne Vaizey
Hagit Tulchinsky
Communications Committee Chair:
Erman Aytac
Education Committee Chair:
Janindra Warusavitarne
Guidelines Committee Chair:
Triantafyllos Doulias
Journal Committee Rep:
Tina van Loon
Programme Committee Chair:
Gabriela Möslein
Asst. Programme Committee Chair:
Quentin Denost
Research Committee Chair:
Thomas Pinkney
Global Reach Committee Chair:
Dion Morton OBE
Membership Chair:
Frederic Ris
Y-ESCP Chair:
Zoe Garoufalia
UEMS* Representative:
David Zimmerman

*Union Europeène des Médecins Spécialistes

Chairman to the Trustees, Mike Parker, is a non-executive officer.

ESCP Affiliates