International Trials Portfolio Map

ESCP members - participate in a unique opportunity to develop international trials in coloproctology across Europe and beyond

The Research Committee have been structuring a portfolio of clinical trials that can be made available for international collaboration across Europe. The Trials Portfolio Map is the first step along this road.

This portfolio map is updated regularly with new trials, each being linked to an abstract of the trial and contact details for a protocol.

The Research Committee would like to thank contributing members and looks forward to developing these and many new studies in the future!

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Would you like to include your trial on the ESCP Trials map?

Each application will be followed by a review process within the ESCP Research Committee. The main criteria for acceptance are: colorectal focus, peer-reviewed protocol, independent funding, scientific significance, multiple sites involved, potential for or actual involvement of international sites.

New applications will be sent to the committee member responsible for the Trials Map. Incomplete applications will be returned. Completed application forms will be circulated to two committee members on a rotation basis, who will complete a structured template. A final decision will send to the applicant within four weeks. The cause of rejection should be briefly stated, if the application is turned down.

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How do I get involved in a European trial?

  • Our trials map shows the available trials that are open to recruitment in Europe
  • Unless you are developing your own international trial, participation depends on finding a suitable trial from the map that fits your practice
  • In general, random controlled trials (RCTs) require more time investment and input than cohort studies
  • With time, it is anticipated that sufficient trials will be available to have at least one that suits everyone
  • If you think you could recruit locally to one of the existing RCTs then either contact the Chief Investigator and their team via links on the map or contact Daniel Mekic for more information

Funding to support international trials

Are your looking for support for the translation of study protocols, or funding for submission of study protocols to the appropriate ethical committee? The ESCP Research Committee offers small grants to allow more colorectal trials to become international.

Available grants

Grants of up to €500 are available by application to the ESCP Research Committee. Only one grant can be made for each trial. The ESCP research Committee has the right to decline any application, and the final decision will rest with the committee.


  • Approved study protocol by the local authorities for the lead centre
  • Evidence of independent peer review of the study protocol e.g. by local or national funding body
  • Evidence of sufficient funding to deliver the core requirements of the trial
  • Trial registration in a public web-based trial database e.g. ISCRTN
  • Preferably two or more participating centres in lead country

How to apply

Complete the online application form

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