Below are ESCP conference presentations on fecal incontinence selected for trainees.

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Keynote lecture

video Sacral nerve stimulation for bowel disorders

Charles Knowles at ESCP Dublin 2015

Educational sessions

video Core Subject Update: Guidelines for faecal incontinence

Yasuko Maeda (UK) at ESCP Berlin 2017

video Trainees Video Session: Sphincteroplasty

José Roig at ESCP Dublin 2015


video Toward precision diagnosis and precision treatment: Surgical management of faecal incontinence: ICI guidance

Ronan O'Connell (Ireland) at ESCP Vienna 2019

video Faecal Incontinence: Practical faecal incontinence assessment

Lilli Lundby (Denmark) at ESCP Nice 2018

video Faecal Incontinence: Treatment algorithms

Klaus Matzel (Germany) at ESCP Nice 2018

video Faecal Incontinence: Patient-centred outcome measures

Carolynne Vaizey (UK) at ESCP Nice 2018


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