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Aybala Yildiz (Turkey) at ESCP Vilnius 2023

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Symposium - Ivan Jovanovic (Serbia) at ESCP Berlin 2017

document Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Chapter 13, European Manual of Medicine: Coloproctology Second Edition)

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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is characterized by chronic abdominal symptoms and irregular bowel movements without any cause that can be revealed by routine diagnostic assessment. While its pathophysiology has come to be better understood, new therapeutic approaches have been developed and are summarized in the new interdisciplinary S3 guideline to give concrete recommendations for symptom-based diagnosis and treatment. The Rome classification system characterizes IBS in terms of multiple physiological determinants contributing to a common set of symptoms rather than a single disease entity.

To achieve the best diagnostic results, a careful history and physical examination should be supplemented by basic laboratory testing, abdominal ultrasound, and, in women, gynecological examination.

Treatment options should be chosen according to the symptoms and might include dietary recommendations, psychological components, and symptomatic medication in addition to the general therapeutic principles. The prognosis differs by individual, depending on the patient’s optimism expectations and successful management.

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