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video Predicting lymph node metastases in T1 colorectal cancer: a proposed weighted risk score

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One of 12 best abstracts - Sireesha Koneru (Australia) at ESCP Dublin 2022

video Laparoscopy endoscopy cooperative surgery to colorectal tumor

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Surgical Video Session - Yosuke Fukunaga (Japan) at ESCP Nice 2018

video Management of colorectal anastomotic stricture with transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM)

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Surgical Video Session - Matas Jakubauskas (Lithuania) at ESCP Nice 2018

document Endoscopy: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Surveillance, New Techniques (Chapter 31, European Manual of Medicine: Coloproctology Second Edition)

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Endoscopy, allowing real-time examination of the large bowel, has evolved into a major diagnostic and therapeutic modality in coloproctology. Diagnostic colonoscopy with or without biopsy is generally a very safe procedure (<1 % risk of complication). Polypectomy, stricture dilation, coagulation of angiodysplasia, and stent placement through malignant strictures are major therapeutic interventions that can be undertaken during colonoscopy. Therapeutic procedures may lead to occasional complications, but when performed by appropriately trained clinicians, the expected benefits outweigh complication risks in patients with a clear indication.

Colonoscopy has a major role in patients follow-up after endoscopic polypectomy or colorectal cancer resection because of the risk of developing further advanced neoplastic lesions in these patients, as outlined in recent European guidelines.

Chromoendoscopy, involving applications of tissue stains or dyes to the gastrointestinal mucosa, has been used for several years to improve the detection and characterization of neoplastic lesions. New endoscopic imaging technology has recently been developed, aiming to improve mucosal visualization, including improvements in image resolution, software processing, and optical filter technology.

video Laparoscopic assisted colonoscopy

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Video Surgery - Zorica Vujovic at ESCP Barcelona 2014

pdf Intraoperative assessment of colorectal anastomotic integrity – a systematic review

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Short Paper - Subramanian Nachiappan (UK) at Tripartite Colorectal Meeting 2014

pdf Endoscopic balloon dilatation of ileocolic anastomic stricture for Crohn's disease: when should the surgeon take over?

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Short Paper - Luca Stocchi (USA) at Tripartite Colorectal Meeting 2014

video The effect of anal application of topical anaesthetics on patient comfort during sigmoidoscopy: a randomized controlled trial

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Free paper - Hasan Kutluk Pampal at ESCP Sorrento 2010

video The hydrojet-supported, submucosial endoscopic microsurgical excision of giant rectum-adenoma - follow-up data

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Oral poster - Joerg Baral at ESCP Sorrento 2010

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