Each month the European Society of Coloproctology focuses on a different condition or technique to highlight relevant educational resources, research and videos to our members. Content is produced by leading members of the society with particular expertise in each condition or technique.

Lilli Lundby and Cristian Gallardo

On 3 Feb 2021

Cristián Gallardo interviews Lilli Lundby, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Department of Surgery and Pelvic Floor Unit at the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.

Carlo Ratto and Gloria Zaffaroni

On 22 Jan 2021

Gloria Zaffaroni interviews Carlo Ratto, Associate Professor in General Surgery at the Catholic University in Rome and Chair of Proctology Unit, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario 'A. Gemelli', IRCCS, Rome, Italy.

Paolo Giamundo and Gloria Zaffaroni

On 17 Jan 2021

Gloria Zaffaroni interviews Professor Paolo Giamundo, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Policlinico di Monza (Italy) for ESCP's monthly topic: anal fistula.

Vittoria Bellato and Gabriela Möslein

On 8 Jul 2020

Interview by Vittoria Bellato. Professor Gabriela Möslein is ESCP's General Secretary, Chair of the EHTG (European Hereditary Tumour Group) and Director of the Centre for Hereditary Tumours at Bethesda Hospital in Germany. She has dedicated her professional focus towards hereditary colorectal cancer both as a researcher and scientific communicator and is acknowledged worldwide for her contribution and expertise.

Gloria Zaffaroni, Miguel Cunha and Gabriela Möslein

On 3 Jul 2020

A paper and visual abstract on microsatellite instability by Gloria Zaffaroni, Miguel Cunha and Gabriela Möslein.

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