On 15 Dec 2021

Paper of the Month - December Outpatient treatment without antibiotic for mild acute diverticulitis: Craziness or evidence-based medicine?

On 9 Dec 2021

Despite all the challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic, five surgeons completed their ESCP Colorectal Robotic Surgery Fellowship in 2020/2021. Robotic surgery fellows received overwhelming support from their host centres and experiences described by fellows indicate high quality of training delivered through modular training programmes. Individual reports of these fellows are available here.

On 1 Dec 2021

Genomics On Colorectal Surgery: An Interview with Frank McDermott An interview by Miguel Cunha 

On 16 Nov 2021

PLSD Database Update and the New Lynch Syndrome Guidelines: An Interview with Toni Seppälä An interview by Zoe Garoufalia 

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