Presidential Address Milan 2016

Outgoing President, Stefan Post, gave the first ESCP Conference Presidential Address at Milan 2016.

ESCP President’s Greeting

Emmanuel TiretDear Colleagues & Friends

Despite the late change in location, Milan 2016 was a great success showing that ESCP is doing well despite the political vicissitudes which hit our continent during this last year. ESCP is definitely considered the professional organisation in Europe for the prevention, treatment and research into colorectal disease and will be a partner in the next Tripartite meeting hosted by the USA in Seattle in June 2017 where I’ll be representing ESCP.

The Programme committee is already working on a promising programme for 2017. To compliment the high quality Annual meeting which remains our flagship event, Masterclasses are going to be held in Poland in October 2016, and in Spain and Hungary in 2017. Any countries interested are encouraged to contact the working group in charge of these events.

Please take some time and have a look at the website, which has considerably improved. You will see that the different committees are working very hard and doing a great job. Don’t hesitate in applying to join them and bring some new blood into the development of our Society!

One important recent advance is the free online subscription to Colorectal Disease which is now included for members. This reinforces the close relationship with ESCP and it is an encouragement for submitting original works to the journal.

Looking forward to meeting you in the fascinating city of Berlin which will host the annual meeting in September 2017.

Best wishes,

Emmanuel Tiret, ESCP President

ESCP Secretary’s Message

Eloy Espin

Milan 2016 was an opportunity to share our knowledge, experiences and skills in a beautiful place in a warm and friendly environment! It was a 'must attend' event for Colorectal Surgeons from all over the world!

We have done a lot of work in the different areas of our society: Research, Education, Membership, Guidelines, Communications etc. A second Pan-European study on stoma has been completed with a record participation. Regional events are being promoted by ESCP: Russia was last year, Poland will hold one on the 6 October 2016 and Spain on 17 May 2017.

Lots of grants and educational opportunities are created and shared by ESCP to our members. The web page has been renewed, social media is developing. This web page is for all of you, and all members are encouraged to contribute. Our committees will keep providing the latest news, education tools, research projects, and social links so that we can all promote and develop our colorectal knowledge.

All members are to be proud part of the exciting evolution of the ESCP

With my very best wishes,

Eloy Espin, ESCP Secretary

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