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As the leading society in coloproctology in Europe, the goal of ESCP's Education Committee is to deliver and expand high-quality, contemporary education for colorectal surgeons, and allied healthcare professionals, in training and practice. The committee aims to educate to the highest standard across Europe. The key aims of the committee are fulfilled by:

  • Creating an educational portfolio at the ESCP annual meeting
  • Developing internet-based educational resources on the website
  • Actively disseminating interactive educational content to members across Europe
  • Creating a year around educational platform 'European School of Coloproctology'

Here is an interview with Professor Klaus Matzel, Chair of the Education Committee.

The Education Committee organises several training and teaching activities every year, including the following:

Educational Sessions during ESCP's Annual Meeting

Many educational sessions are organised during ESCP annual meetings, targeted towards technical skills, decision-making and clinical judgment. These sessions are accessible for all attendees of the annual meeting and include interactive workshops, ultrasound seminar, expert video sessions, authors’ workshop, and expert round table session.

For a more detailed overview of the educational sessions view the programme of ESCP's last annual meeting.

The 2017 annual meeting in Berlin will be designed in a similar fashion, but in addition will include elements driven by feedback we received over the year.

Pre-Congress Workshops

'Hands-on' workshops introduced for an additional day in advance to the annual meeting to teach practical and technical skills on different topics in colorectal surgery have been a successful and appreciated addition. In 2016, a workshop on perianal fistulae, including anal plugs, VAAFT, LIFT and advancement flaps, was organised.

More detail on 2016 pre-congress workshops

More pre-congress workshops are planned for 2017: a hands-on workshop on TaMIS, a workshop on abdominal wall reconstruction and, again, a hands-on workshop on anal fistulae and, with the same model, a workshop on haemorrhoidal disease.

Free Student Registration for the Annual Meeting

Complimentary registration is provided for up to 50 students at the annual meeting of the ESCP in September.

Fellowships and Training Opportunities

Every year the society offers the opportunity to apply for several funded fellowships, including:

  • six-months fellowships
  • three-months fellowships
  • four-week observer fellowships
  • pre-congress placements
  • three reciprocal travelling fellowships with the American, Japanese and Korean colorectal societies

A new evaluation system of the fellowship activities is in development, as is a matching system for applications and teaching centres.

More information on ESCP fellowships

Resource Library

The ESCP website accommodates new educational content. Members have access to the electronic version of 'Coloproctology, the European Manual of Medicine'. The second edition will be launched later in 2017 and it will also be accessible to the members for free. The content of the manual will serve as the backbone for the educational resource and will be linked to various other ESCP resources, such as meeting presentations and keynote lectures. In addition, members have full access to most presentations and video material of the annual meeting as well.

Visit the resource library


An ESCP App is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2017. Besides various other functions it accommodates easy access to ESCP's educational content and aims to ensure a relevant online and social media presence.

ESCP Masterclasses

After the first ESCP masterclass (a combined effort between ESCP and ECCO) in Moscow in April 2015 at the International Congress of the Russian Association of Coloproctology, the concept of regional masterclasses has been further developed. The aim is to offer teaching modules to national societies. A second masterclass on rectal cancer took place in Katowice, Poland on 6 October 2016.

Two masterclasses are planned for 2017. A masterclass on functional disorders is taking place in Almeria, Spain on 17 May in connection with the National Spanish Society Annual Meeting. And in Budapest, Hungary on 17 November, in connection with the biannual meeting of the Chapter of Coloproctology of the Hungarian Surgical Society and the Hungarian Society of Coloproctology, a masterclass on multidisciplinary management of colorectal tutors will take place.

Additionally, based in the highly successful anal fistula workshop at the 2016 annual meeting in Milano, an ESCP one-day teaching activity on anal fistula is scheduled at the annual meeting of the Turkish Society of Coloproctology.

More about ESCP masterclasses

EBSQ Coloproctology Examination

This ESBQ (European Board of Surgical Qualification) examination, leading to the only available certification in coloproctology within Europe, is organised during the annual meetings of the ESCP and during several national meetings.

The implementation of the UEMS EBSQ Coloproctology Diploma as the officially ESCP recognized European certification in coloproctology is now in place. Subsequently those holding the diploma are called fellows of the ESCP and those without the diploma are called members. All pre-2015 members are called fellows.

The curriculum for the ESBQ Coloproctology examination has been revised and is aligned with the content of the European Manual of Medicine Coloproctology and the website of the society.

More about the EBSQ coloproctology examination

New Technology Appraisal

A cooperation on the evaluation and implementation of new technology has been started in 2016 together with the New Technology Committee of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) and led to the creation of a survey among ESCP and ASCRS members and fellows on the implementation of new technology. It is planned to present the results of this survey at the Tripartite Meeting in Seattle and at the ESCP meeting in Berlin.

CME Credits for ESCP Educational Activities

The society has decided to move towards UEMS accreditation of its educational activities. This transition may take some time, but it is expected to be in place 2018 at the latest.

New Education Committee Members

Several members of the 'Young ESCP ' will join the Education Committee. We also invite all ESCP members to submit an interest in becoming an active part of the Education Committee. The turn of several Education Committee members has ended and these vacancies have to be filled to further develop our activities.

See the Committee Updates page for how to apply

New Initiatives for 2017

New initiatives for the Education Committee in 2017 will include: development of year-round educational activities; development of ESCP website resources and their use, especially via the ESCP App, addressing the needs of trainees and experts in and outside Europe; and gaining CME credits for ESCP's educational activities.

Klaus E. Matzel
Chair of the Education Committee

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