Dion Morton 2

Chair: Dion Morton

Dion received his degree in Medicine from Bristol University in 1985. He was given an honorary consultant appointment at the University Hospital Birmingham in 1996, and was appointed Professor of Surgery in 2006. 

He is Director of the Birmingham Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, Director of Clinical Research at the Royal College of Surgeons of England since October 2011 and Deputy Head (Clinical) at the School of Cancer Sciences since December 2012. 

His research interests are predominantly in clinical and translational research in colorectal cancer, but also encompassing the development of clinical trials in surgery.

Willem Bemelman2

Willem Bemelman

Willem graduated as a surgeon in 1994 trained at the department of Surgery of the Academic Medical Hospital, University of Amsterdam and St. Lucas Hospital in Amsterdam. After his training as a surgeon, he worked at the department of Surgery at Leiden University Medical Center being responsible for the benign gastrointestinal disease. In 1999 he returned to the Academic Medical Center to develop the Minimal Invasive Surgery further.

In 2006 he was appointed as a Professor in Surgery. His interest nowadays is mainly the (minimal invasive) treatment of IBD, colorectal cancer and complication surgery. His focus of research is the IBD, colorectal cancer and complication surgery. Willem is a EBSQ certified colorectal surgeon.

Peter Christensen

Peter Christensen1

Peter is certified Colorectal Surgeon by EBQS/Coloproctology in 2010 and serves at Department of Surgery P, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. His main surgical field is proctology, functional bowel disorders and laparoscopic colorectal surgery. His academic merits include both a doctoral dissertation (2009), a Ph.D thesis (2002), and authorship or co-authorship of 28 international papers, referee with four international journals, and he is as associated professor at Faculty of Heath, Aarhus University. He is appointed for Section for colorectal surgery, Danish Surgical Society, chairs the Steering Committee for the Pelvic Floor Unit, Aarhus University Hospital and is a member of Coloplast Global Advisory Board of bowel management. Finally, he is newly appointed member of the ESCP Research Committee.

Soren Laurberg2

Søren Laurberg


Søren Laurberg is a professor of surgery at  Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. His main research interests are Pelvic floor dysfunction and CRC. He has supervised 34 PhD and 8 Doctoral theses and published over 300 papers.

Tom Pinkney

Tom Pinkney2

Thomas Pinkney is a Senior Lecturer in the Academic Department of Surgery, University of Birmingham and Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. He has a specialist clinical interest in inflammatory bowel disease surgery, and his academic time is dedicated primarily to clinical surgical trials.

Whilst in surgical training in 2008 he was involved in the formation of the West Midlands Research Collaborative (WMRC), a trainee-led research group. He led the ROSSINI trial via the WMRC (2009-2012) which recruited 760 patients from 21 sites across the UK, before being published in the BMJ in 2013. He is lead of the ROCSS trial of biological mesh reinforcement of stoma closure sites and remains involved in the WMRC at a senior level.

He is also currently Chief Investigator of the ACCURE-UK study, an NIHR-funded pilot study exploring therapeutic appendicectomy in ulcerative colitis, and Principle Investigator of 4 other portfolio studies.

carolynne vaizey

Carolynne Vaizey

Carolynne Jane Vaizey was educated at Cape Town University and then trained in General and Trauma Surgery up to Consultant level in Johannesburg. On returning to England in 1992 she first worked as a Surgical Fellow in a District General Hospital and then took up a research post at St Mark’s Hospital in Harrow to obtain an MD through the University of London.
At the beginning of 1998 she became a Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at the Middlesex & University College Hospitals in Central London and Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London. In 2003 she took up a new post as Consultant Surgeon at St Mark’s Hospital.

Miss Vaizey has particular interests in the management of faecal incontinence, intestinal failure, severe Crohn’s, anal surgery and functional bowel disease. She is the Lead Surgeon for Intestinal Failure at the Lennard Jones National Intestinal Failure Unit at St Mark’s and Director of the Sir Alan Park’s Physiology Unit. She has written 16 book chapters on her specialty interests and has over 100 papers and editorials published in Peer reviewed journals

Eloy EspinEloy Espin Basany3

Eloy is Chief of Colo-rectal Surgery Unit, Hospital Valle de Hebron in Barcelona and Professor of Surgery at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.
Charles Knowles Charles Knowles is Professor of Surgery at Queen Mary University of London and Consultant Colorectal surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust. He qualified from the University of Cambridge and undertook general surgical training and a PhD in London before being awarded a HEFCE clinical senior lectureship (2006-2011).

Professor Knowles is Director of the NIHR Enteric Healthcare Technology Cooperative, Director of the National Bowel Research Centre and Surgical Specialty Lead for North Thames NIHR CRN. He holds research positions in the European Society of Coloproctology, Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland (Pelvic Floor Society) and British Society of Gastroenterology (neurogastroenterology). He is Chair to UEG-led international working groups in anorectal physiology and GI neuromuscular diseases. He serves as a member of the Rome IV committee for anorectal disorders and is on the global expert panel for Medtronic. He is a panel member for NIHR i4i, is on the editorial board of two journals and has authored over 150 peer reviewed publications.

His main clinical interests are the surgical management of benign (degenerative and inflammatory) coloproctological and pelvic floor conditions. His main research interests are (1) the evaluation of new technologies for the treatment of chronic GI diseases (especially focusing on neuromodulation); (2) the development of GI diagnostics for deeper phenotyping and treatment stratification; (3) the pathogenesis and management of gastrointestinal neuromuscular diseases and (4) development of new trial methodology for evaluation of complex interventions.

Jeremie Lefevre  

Dr Jeremie Lefevre is professor of Surgery in the Department of General and Digestive Surgery in Saint-Antoine Hospital, Paris. He is specialized in colorectal surgery (colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes…). He is a member of the ESCP since 2009. He has published more than 130 articles in peer-review journals.

Oded Zmora  

1) Research Rep on Communications Committee

2) Chair: Cohort Studies 

3) ex officio/ESCP Secretary

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