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The Research Committee is committed to seeing a growth in international collaboration within the European colorectal community. This Research hub contains numerous resources designed to promote these collaborations; from the latest ESCP audit to the trials portfolio map and the case reports forum (launching soon!).

You can also ‘Meet the Research Committee’ and find out more about their plans for the future in the latest Research Report below.

The core aims of the ESCP Research Committee are: 

  • To deliver better care for coloproctology patients through the promotion and support of clinical and translational research in the field of coloproctology encompassing cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and functional bowel disease.
  • To broaden engagement of ESCP members across all countries in clinical and translational research.
  • To develop platforms for international studies.
  • To make the ESCP the leading organisation in Europe for colorectal surgical research.

To deliver these core objectives, the committee will:

  • Provide an annual symposium to promote new trans-European trials,
  • Develop a network of clinicians to facilitate multi-national trials,
  • Support the translation of trial protocols and submission, through ‘ethics committees’ of international trials between our European partners.

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Research Committee Update, September 2016

I am delighted to report on another exciting and successful year for ESCP research. The Cohort study committee have completed the second international ESCP study, this one on ‘Stoma closure’. As with the first, the participation across the membership and beyond has been staggering. Like you, I am looking forward to the first presentation of the results in the International trials forum Wednesday 28th September at 13:30-15:00.

The first cohort study has been submitted to our journal of Colorectal Disease and publication is eagerly anticipated. As with all our ESCP publications, publication is from the consortium and all participating surgeons and hospitals are individually recognised. Once again, led by Willem Bemelman, a guidelines review will be presented, this time on the management of fistula in ano. The Milan programme has added a further clinical trials session to reflect the growing interest from the ESCP membership. This is in addition to the breakthrough trials forum (…) where you will hear about the 4 best new and emerging trials that you can join. The 2017 ESCP cohort study will also be announced at this symposium, and 5 of the major trials in coloproctology for 2015/16 will be presented at the international trials forum Thursday 29th September 08:45-10:15.

The recent redevelopment of the website, led by Peter Christensen has provided an excellent platform for clinical trials information. The new functionality of the clinical trials platform informs you of all the important ongoing colorectal trials across Europe and provides updates and contact details. This provides an excellent opportunity to join major international studies. We look forward to your comments and feedback.

Developing and supporting international clinical trials remains central to the ESCP vision. We have just appointed the first research manager, Daniel Mekic. Daniel will have a key role in helping your new studies develop international partners. ESCP is always looking for new ways to grow your trials and is still providing funding support for translation of patient Information/protocols for international trials.

Milan is a great opportunity to establish new collaborations, start up new research ideas and launch new trials. Please contact any members of the research committee, we look forward to helping develop your new ideas.

Dion Morton
Research Committee Chair, on behalf of the Research Committee

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