The 2nd ESCP Snapshot Audit has completed recruitment for the closure of intestinal stoma audit 2016

Snapshot audit 2016 map - download linked PDF

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The ESCP would like to congratulate the collaborators, support staff and patients that participated in the ESCP Snapshot Audit 2016, as the audit captured 2527 surgical operations in 48 countries across 312 centres.

The preliminary results will be presented at the ESCP conference in Milan on Wednesday 28 September (International Trials Results Forum session: 1.30pm).

Participating centres included hospitals performing reversal of intestinal stoma. The collaborators aimed to explore differences in patients, techniques and outcomes in closure of intestinal stoma across the international cohort to identify areas of practice variability resulting in apparent differences in outcome warranting further study. The full study protocol can be found below.

The ESCP recognizes the strengths of this collaborative research in bringing together surgeons and units across multiple regions or countries for a common research goal, thus strengthening an active network of research participation across Europe and participating centres across the globe.

The title of the next cohort study will be announced in Milan.

For further information please contact:

Daniel Mekic, ESCP Research Manager
Phone: +44 (0) 121 371 8110


The full protocol can be read here: ESCP 2016 snapshot audit: stoma closure (PDF 270kb)
A summary protocol is also available: ESCP 2016 snapshot audit: summary protocol (PDF 45kb)

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