ECCO is starting work on a consensus 'Inflammatory bowel disease in low and lower-middle income countries: challenges in diagnosis, management and gaps in knowledge'.

In its outlook as an organisation dedicated to global IBD care, ECCO is planning a consensus on IBD in low and lower-middle income countries (LLMIC).

The aim of the consensus is exploring and understanding the epidemiology and challenges in diagnosis, management as well as highlighting the gaps in knowledge and it has the potential to guide development of the blueprints of management of IBD in the setting of LLMIC. It is anticipated that this will build new global partnerships and stimulate research in order to generate evidence and guide the practice.

Furthermore, it aims to encourage the development of new tools for research and education and to inspire educational workshops dedicated to tackling the highlighted challenges. This consensus will benefit the gastroenterologists, surgeons, nurses and other members of IBD management team as well as IBD patients and their families.

To read more and apply to this important initiative, read this document >

Deadline for applications is 18 May 2023.

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