On 21 Jul 2013

ESCP is delighted to have been able to increase the amount of fellowship support offered through the Society over the past 12 months, with ten new fellowships being offered in 2013.  Since the start of 2012, a total of 21 three-month fellowships have been offered, made possible through grants from Medtronic and Covidien, together with funds from ESCP’s Training and Education fund.

On 21 Jul 2013

At ESCP's meeting in Belgrade in September, Sonia Lockwood briefly presented on her fellowship at Århus University Hospital, Denmark, under the direction of Søren Laurberg, between 1 April and 30 June 2013. Sonia is from the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, UK. Her report, together with a link to a video of her presentation, are given here.

On 11 Jul 2013

The External Affairs Committee (comprising the four Presidential officers and Secretary) are pleased to advise that Per J. Nilsson has accepted their invitation to join External Affairs to coordinate liaison between ESCP and other key societies which is developing significantly at this time. This particularly applies to ECCO, ESSO and UEG with whom we aim to forge stronger relationships.

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