Prevention and repair of parastomal hernia trainingDate: Tuesday 25 September 2018
Time: 09:30 - 16:00
Location: to be confirmed
Cost: €100 Member, €120 Non-Member

Aimed at delegates with early experience in managing patients with parastomal hernia.

Attendees will be exposed to open and laparoscopic approaches for the prevention and repair of Parastomal Hernia. Therefore, intermediate level of skills in laparoscopic surgery will be desirable for this workshop.

Course content

This one-day workshop comprises theoretical instructions and practical exercises for the
safe and effective application of open and laparoscopic approaches for the repair and prevention of parastomal hernia. World experts will discuss surgical anatomy of abdominal wall, need and timing for repair of parastomal hernia, abdominal wall reconstruction, techniques for prophylactic mesh reinforcement and repair of parastomal hernia.

Learning objectives

Attendees should gain the following:

  • Learn about the indications, patient selection and outcomes for repair of parastomal hernia.
  • Learn about the technical challenges associated with different types of repairs.
  • Learn about pitfalls in consent and choices of meshes.
  • Learn about basic principles of dissection for component separation.
  • The ability to perform prevention and repair procedures on models.

Course director

Muhammad Imran Aslam (UK)

Muhammad Imran Aslam

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