Marja Boermeester

On 19 Jun 2018

Professor of Surgery, Marja Boermeester, specialises in surgery of abdominal infections, in particular long-term complications such as intestinal failure, complex abdominal wall defects or other diseases post-surgery. She is President of the Surgical Infections Society Europe (SIS-E), which collaborates with ESCP often, and is on the World Health Organisation (WHO) steering committee for guidelines for the prevention of surgical site infections.

Professor Sir John Burn

On 31 May 2018

Professor Sir John Burn is a world renowned geneticist known for his research into chemo-prevention for colorectal cancer. He is currently Professor of Clinical Genetics at Newcastle University and is also a Director of the European Hereditary Tumour Group (EHTG).

Richard Brady

On 24 May 2018

At this year’s ESCP Annual Meeting in Nice, Richard Brady, consultant colorectal surgeon at Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital in the UK, will lead the Coloproctology 3.0: The Cutting Edge of Online Innovation symposium which focuses on how technology will impact the future of colorectal surgery. We spoke to Richard about the session.

Ethem Geçim

On 17 May 2018

In the first of a series of interviews with key speakers from this year’s ESCP annual meeting in Nice, we spoke with ESCP President Ethem Geçim, about the highlights of this year’s programme and what attendees can expect.

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