Gianluca Pellino

On 6 Aug 2018

At the ESCP Annual Meeting in Nice this September, Gianluca Pellino MD, will speak about ‘Eurosurg and Massive Online Global Research Collaboratives’ on behalf of Eurosurg, as part of the symposium 'Coloproctology 3.0 : The Cutting Edge of Online Innovation'.

Johan Askling

On 30 Jul 2018

Big data is big news in society. There is a huge debate about the promise it offers in terms of informing decisions versus the threat to personal privacy (the dawning of GDPR legislation and the recent wave of data consent requests is testament to that). At the ESCP's 13th Scientific and Annual Conference in September Professor Johan Askling will present the keynote lecture: Big data in surgical practice - the new gold standard? We spoke to him to get a taste of what the session will cover.

John Alverdy

On 17 Jul 2018

At the ESCP Annual Meeting in Nice this September, world renowned expert in microbial pathogenesis of infections which occur post-surgery, Dr Alverdy, Professor of Surgery and Executive Vice-Chair of the department of surgery at the University of Chicago, will present the keynote session - ‘Microbiomic and metagenomic influences on colorectal patients’. We spoke to him about the session. 

Michael Seres

On 4 Jul 2018

ESCP’s annual conference is not just about surgeons passing on knowledge to each other. It is an opportunity for all high-profile coloproctological speakers to come together and share experiences. One non-surgical speaker who will address attendees in Nice this September is the high-profile and influential colorectal e-patient, bowel transplant recipient, stoma device innovator and global patient advocate, Michael Seres.

Marja Boermeester

On 19 Jun 2018

Professor of Surgery, Marja Boermeester, specialises in surgery of abdominal infections, in particular long-term complications such as intestinal failure, complex abdominal wall defects or other diseases post-surgery. She is President of the Surgical Infections Society Europe (SIS-E), which collaborates with ESCP often, and is on the World Health Organisation (WHO) steering committee for guidelines for the prevention of surgical site infections.

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