Learn from 10 colorectal surgeons as they discuss different aspects of anal fistula, including new techniques and treatments, as well as what patients should know. Supported by Takeda.

ESCP Essentials - What outcomes should we report/use for fistula treatment?

ESCP Essentials – New techniques; what is out there and what is coming in Crohns fistulas?

ESCP Essentials – Fistula closure – Flap or LIFT?

ESCP Essentials - Are setons always necessary before Sphincter Preserving Surgery?

ESCP Essentials – Stem cells for perianal fistulas in Crohn’s Disease

ESCP Essentials - Imaging in perianal fistulas

ESCP Essentials – Is there a place for fistulotomy in cryptoglandular fistula?

ESCP Essentials - Stepwise approach in Crohn’s perianal fistula

ESCP Essentials - Why should stem cells work in treating Crohn’s anal fistula?

ESCP Essentials - What patients should know

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