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Educational session - Niki Christou (France) at ESCP Dublin 2022

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Educational session - Daniel Clerc (Switzerland) and Pauline Curchod, Trainee (Switzerland) at ESCP Barcelona 2021

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video Are C-reactive protein levels necessary in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in adults?

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Oral poster - Zina Shukur at ESCP Copenhagen 2011

document Appendicitis (Chapter 21, European Manual of Medicine: Coloproctology Second Edition)

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Appendicectomy is the most common abdominal surgical procedure and is performed as an urgent or emergent procedure. The major difficulty in managing acute right iliac fossa pain is the broad differential diagnosis that can lead to a false-positive diagnosis in up to 30 % of patients. The availability of cross-sectional imaging has improved diagnostic accuracy, and laparoscopic techniques have reduced overall morbidity. Conservative management in selected patients may also be appropriate. In this chapter the evidence base for modern management of appendicitis is presented in the context of conventional clinical wisdom.

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