Next month, ESCP secretary Gabriela Möslein will sit down with consultant colorectal surgeon Richard Brady to film the next in the series of Johnson & Johnson’s #ColorectalLive interviews.


Profile photos of Richard Brady and Gabriela Möslein
Richard Brady and Gabriela Möslein


A key date for all members across the globe to mark in the diary, the interview will be broadcast live on Twitter from Newcastle on 12 March.

Richard will ask Gabriela about her work in the area of Hereditary predisposition to cancer and prophylactic surgery, her role as ESCP Secretary and the diversity and sustainability direction of ESCP.

Gabriela said:

"Working as secretary for ESCP is incredibly rewarding. My role sees me focus on matters from exploring the scope of our society beyond Europe, ventilating opportunities of innovation in research, education and communication and beyond, including financial strategies. It gives me tremendous opportunity to meet and work with a great number of amazing people represented within the society. I’m looking forward to sharing a bit more about what I do on Johnson & Johnson’s platform and let people understand a little bit more about what the role of secretary means for ESCP."

Following the great levels of engagement online throughout the #WomenInSurgery campaign, Richard and Gabriela will also look to discuss issues of equality and diversity in the field.

Gabriela added:

"This year my role will concentrate on what we can do to make sure there is greater diversity in the colorectal field. One of the key takeaways from the #WomenInSurgery campaign, for me, was that issues of diversity can be delicate ones to take forward; there are so many differing opinions and experiences within the female community, so it’s important not to generalise. I, for example, was never aware of the extent to which some of the issues that were raised during the campaign present themselves in everyday working life for many surgeons – male and female.

"As a society, increasing the visibility of inequality in the field is where we need to start. This should be an interesting topic to discuss with Richard next month as we’re currently looking internally in ESCP to see how we can develop the campaign further within the society.

"I’m really excited to be speaking on #ColorectalLive and feel very honoured to have been asked to this. Though, like most of us, I’m not used to the idea of realising, that an audience of thousands of people might be watching - it’s not the most natural of set ups! But for me this is an interview with a member of the ESCP executive board and a fantastic colleague - one of the many new professional friendships that are made at ESCP. I hope that a great many of you will be interested in the topics and engage with us."

This episode of #ColorectalLive will be a great opportunity for members and prospective members alike to get to know more about both Gabriela and the society.

Make sure you get it in your diary!

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