On 9 Sep 2014

Professor Klaus Matzel (Professor of Surgery and the Head of the Section of Coloproctology at the University of Erlangen, Germany and President of the UEMS EBSQ Division Coloproctology) discusses his role as Chair of the ESCP Education Committee and some highlights from the Barcelona 2014 scientific programme... The EBSQ (European Board of Surgery Qualification) in Coloproctology is now well established and will in time ensure common standards and practices. Are there any new developments you would like to discuss?

Evaghelos Xynos

On 5 Sep 2014

We talked with one of the Barcelona 2014 keynote speakers, Professor Evaghelos Xynos (Crete, Greece), who presented different treatment options for rectal prolapse in Barcelona. What is known about the causes/etiology of rectal prolapse? The condition is far more common in the aged female, and associated with chronic constipation, excessive straining at defaecation and neurological disorders affecting pelvic floor structures. Multiparity does not seem to be aetiologically related to the condition.

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