Ahead of the ESCP Global Reach Webinar, we interviewed Professor Dion Morton, who provided an update on the status of the ESCP Safe-anastomosis Programme in Colorectal Surgery (EAGLE) study.

The EAGLE study is an international, cluster randomised-sequence study of a ‘Safe-anastomosis’ Quality Improvement Intervention to reduce anastomotic leak following right colectomy and ileocaecal resection. In the ESCP snapshot audit in 2015, findings demonstrated that internationally, anastomotic leak occurs after 8% of right colectomies. Prospective cohort data demonstrates that patient selection, intraoperative factors, and technical variation are risk factors for anastomotic leak and therefore potential interventions. Therefore, this study was designed to assess whether the ESCP Safe-anastomosis Intervention reduces risk of anastomotic leak following right colectomy.

Any hospital or surgical unit performing elective and/or emergency colorectal surgery is eligible for inclusion. The intervention proposed includes a three-component, behavioural change intervention for surgeons, anaesthetists and operating theatre staff, supported by an online learning environment. This includes:

  1. Pre-operative stratification of patients for risk of anastomotic leak
  2. Harmonisation of technique for formation and assessment of anastomoses
  3. Implementation of a safe-anastomosis checklist.

The primary outcome measure assesses the 30-day overall anastomotic leak rate. The study aims to show a reduction from 8.1% to 5.6% and will require 4,400 patients from 333 hospitals. So far, the study has recruited 224 sites from 45 countries, which have begun registering their sites to participate in the study. 62 sites are currently open, and another 47 sites have been randomised and are waiting to start. Since August, 345 cases have already been uploaded to REDCap by 50 different hospitals. 745 module logins have been issued and 186 surgeons/trainees have so far completed the modules.

You can find out more about EAGLE here, and how to get involved at https://is.gd/EAGLEsitesetup where you can access the Site Set-up Pathway which is currently live.

 ESCP Global Reach Webinar: 'Achievement Through Collaboration', Friday 20 November 2020 >

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