Robotic Colorectal Surgery, the exclusive webinar series coordinated by ESCP, will deliver its fourth and final session on 16 March (17:00 CET) which will focus on Complete Mesocolic Excision (CME).

Attendees can look forward to an expert panel of hosts, speakers and moderators from across Europe who will take attendees on a unique and insightful robotic colorectal surgery learning experience.

We spoke to Danilo Miskovic, colorectal surgeon at St. Mark’s Hospital (London), ahead of his session titled ‘Tips, tricks, pitfalls and mistakes’ for a taster of what we can expect.

Why is this an important topic in colorectal surgery?

CME is one of the most controversial current topics today. Is the evidence sufficient? Can it be performed safely? Are there any benefits in minimally invasive techniques? Is robotic surgery the new standard? All these questions are hot topics.

What themes/talking points will be addressed?

This is a webinar focussing on robotic surgery for CME. Topic discussed will include different techniques, tips and tricks as well as the benefits and disadvantages of robotic surgery.

Why is the session important to attend – and who will benefit most from attending?

This session is aimed at robotic colorectal surgeons and those aspiring to become robotic surgeons. The session will be interesting for anybody with a specialist interest in colorectal cancer.

What else will you cover in your presentation?

I will talk about ideal port placement, the use of instruments and how to deal with some of the difficult situations that can arise. I look forward to welcoming everyone to the online session.

The 60-minute session on Robotic Colorectal Surgery will include:

  • Introduction - Klaus Matzel
  • Compete mesocolic excision: Right tool for the job? - Roland Croner
  • Complete mesocolic excision: Set-up OR and ports - Paolo Bianchi
  • Complete mesocolic excision: Tips, tricks, pitfalls and mistakes - Danilo Miskovic

Presentations will be commented by Julio Garcia-Aguilar and moderated by Danilo Miskovic and Paolo Bianchi.

Further information: Robotic Surgery Webinar Series: From basic skills to fine art

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