ESCP focused on the topic of fistula throughout December. Coordinated by colorectal surgeon David Zimmerman (The Netherlands) and Young ESCP member Kapil Sahnan (United Kingdom), various contributors shared their thoughts and expertise on the subject.

Several pieces of content including informative videos and polls covered diagnostics, classic treatment, modern treatment options and imaging for ESCP's Fistula Month. Valuable resources in ESCP’s Library were also shared to facilitate discussion on social media and beyond. Here’s a round-up of highlights you may have missed.

David Zimmerman and Kapil Sahnan introduce #fistulamonth:

Philip Tozer, Head of the Robin Phillip's Fistula Research Unit at St. Mark's Hospital, put forward his thoughts regarding fistula treatment:

Professor Rojanasakul, the inventor of LIFT, discussed his operation, ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract:

Steven Wexner, Professor of the Digestive Disease Centre in Florida, discussed fistula treatment.

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