ESCP supportedCovidSurg logoESCP has established a successful network of surgeons, who have been sharing expertise with impactful outputs in the recent years and strongly supports the CovidSurg collaborative.

Many countries represented in ESCP are currently severely affected by COVID-19 and so CovidSurg studies are highly meaningful. Acknowledging that this is a stressful time for surgeons in Europe and beyond, CovidSurg hopes to turn real-world data from ESCP collaborators into decision-making tools that are globally applicable.

CovidSurg Cohort Study

One of the main concerns for surgeons internationally is the outcomes of surgery during the pandemic. The CovidSurg cohort study will capture the outcomes of surgery for patients who have COVID-19 infection. It will include patients undergoing ANY type of surgery, who are diagnosed with COVID-19 infection at the time of surgery or within 30 days. To facilitate patient inclusion, data can be collected either retrospectively or prospectively.

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Many ESCP surgeons operate cancer patients. They might be worried about the effects of surgery delay or considering alternative treatment for these patients. Cancer-CovidSurg will include all cancer patients with a tumor board decision for surgery (both operated and non-operated patients, COVID +ve and COVID -ve are included). This study aims to determine outcomes for patients who are operated during the pandemic, but also for the ones who have delayed surgery or alternative treatment. Not only colorectal cancer is being included. ESCP members can liaise with their colleagues to include other types of cancer if they wish: Oesophagogastric, Head and neck, Lung, Liver, Pancreatic, Sarcoma, Kidney, Bladder, Prostate, Uterine, Ovarian and Breast.

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