Multicentre snapshot prospective audits have the power to bring together surgeons and units across multiple regions or countries for a common research goal, thus strengthening an active network of research participation across Europe and beyond.

ESCP’s first cohort study on right hemicolectomy was completed in 2015 across 284 centres, including 3200 patients. In 2016 the study focussed on stoma closures across 305 centres, including 2441 patients.

The ESCP invites surgeons to participate in the 2017 Cohort Study.

Any hospital in the world performing left hemicolectomy, sigmoid, and rectal resection can participate. Each site can have up to 5 investigators, including consultants and trainees.

Please register your interest at:
(Only one member of the team needs to register. Team signup sheets will be available shortly.)


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