For the interest and benefit of ESCP members, the Research Committee are going to write a monthly short report on a significant colorectal article that has been published in the last six months.

These summaries should provide an informative read on significant developments that have the potential to help patients. We would welcome your suggestions regarding articles and also your ideas on how this initiative may be developed.

On 16 Feb 2018

The February 'Paper of the Month' focusses on a proctological problem, the treatment of haemorrhoids. The paper considers for the first time not only clinical effectiveness but also cost-effectiveness and the long term quality of life following stapled haemorrhoidopexy (SH) and traditional excisional haemorrhoidectomy (TH) for patients with haemorrhoids. It was published in Health Technol Assessment Journal, which report studies supported by the HTA programme, part of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), UK.

On 11 Jan 2018

Our first Paper of the Month for 2018 sees us look at 'Effect of Robotic-Assisted vs Conventional Laparoscopic Surgery on Risk of Conversion to Open Laparotomy Among Patients Undergoing Resection for Rectal Cancer: The ROLARR Randomized Clinical Trial'. This is the largest randomized study on robotic vs laparoscopic approach for curative rectal cancer surgery.

On 29 Dec 2017

This month we report on a paper published June 2017 in the British Journal of Surgery on the SCANDIV trial of laparoscopic lavage versus primary resection for acute perforated diverticulitis.

On 24 Nov 2017

In the next of our ‘Paper of the Month’ series, we looked at 'Laparoscopic ileocaecal resection versus infliximab for terminal ileitis in Crohn's disease: a randomised controlled, open-label, multi centre trial' recently published in the Lancet Gastroenterology & Herpetology. Click here to read this article

On 14 Sep 2017

This Paper of the Month report looks at evidence for reducing postoperative vomiting with preoperative dexamethasone [1] published in a BMJ article in April 2017.

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