As part of the initiative to establish a more clearly defined group within ESCP for younger surgeons, a meeting took place at this year’s congress in Milan. The session comprised a brief introduction by ESCP (now past) President Stefan Post and Secretary Eloy Espin, followed by a lot of interactive discussion about how the Society can best serve its younger members.

Those present were able to register their interest in specific areas (for example, membership development, research and education initiatives). See below the summary of outcomes – and if you weren’t there and would like to get involved, there’s an invitation for you to submit today!

“Young ESCP” session outcomes

  • “Young ESCP” is now an informal group and will automatically include all active ESCP members under the age of 40 years old.
  • “Young ESCP” will represent the interests and views of its members.
  • All felt that a social element at conference would be a good thing, to give everyone a short time to network, and to welcome those who haven’t previously attended ESCP’s congress. This is already scheduled for the Berlin meeting, on Wednesday 20 September 2017 starting with 30 minutes’ coffee at 11:15 with a meeting to follow through to 13:30. It will include a working lunch.
  • A “Young ESCP” Representative Working Group will be tasked with developing the aims and objectives of the group and how it can work practically to support its members.
  • “Young ESCP” is inclusive to all members, and all members will have the opportunity to form part of a working groups related to the Communications, Education, Guidelines, Membership, Programme or Research committees.  There will be representatives on each ESCP committee that will represent the interests of these “Young ESCP” working groups.
  •  “Young ESCP” will have its own page on the ESCP website, which will be regularly updated to keep its members up to date on the latest developments. 

“Young ESCP” Working Groups

  • The acting chair of the group is Matteo Frasson (Spain) who was nominated for this position at the meeting in Milan. He will continue to be acting chair until a formally nominated acting chair has been elected. Any ESCP member under 40 is now invited to share their interest in nominating themselves or another member for this position. To nominate, please complete the online form
  • Once confirmed, the Chair of “Young ESCP” will represent the interests of Young ESCP on the Executive Committee.
  • To register your interest in a specific area of ESCP please complete the online formThe areas are as follows:
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Guidelines
  • Membership
  • Programme
  • Research

The “Young ESCP” Representative Working Group will be formed by two trainee members (under 40) per ESCP country.  To nominate yourself, or any other member, please complete the online form.

A further update will be issued after 19 December – in the meantime if you have any ideas or suggestions please click here to submit.

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