Des WinterProfessor Des Winter has been appointed as Editor in Chief of the BJS, Europe’s premier surgical journal with an impact factor of 5.9. A long-standing member of ESCP, Des is currently Chair of ESCP's Programme Committee and is one of Ireland’s busiest academic surgeons, working at the largest colorectal unit in Ireland at St Vincent's University Hospital.

Des received the news warmly, thanking his colleagues and fellow surgeons on social media:

"I am humbled and delighted to take on this responsibility - it is made possible by the most supportive and talented team. Thank you all."

Young-ESCP member Gianluca Pellino also takes on BJS role as assistant editor. He is based at the Second University of Naples. Gianluca Pellino added:

"This is an important publication and it is an honour to take on this role."

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