The European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) has appointed leading engagement and marketing agency, MCI Group for the provision of secretarial support services and the organisation of its Annual Meeting and other events.

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MCI Group takes over the role from Integrity and a transition period is currently underway and expected to be completed by end of Q1 2021.

Evangelos Xynos, ESCP President:

"2020 has been the year of a great upheaval worldwide because of the COVID pandemic. As a result, we face the onset of a new socio-economic environment and unforeseen challenges and obstacles. Inevitably, the situation has affected the educational, research and administrative activities of our Society. For this reason, a great effort has been undertaken by the Executive of ESCP, with the invaluable aid from the membership of its Committees, to obviate the consequences. Given the circumstances, rescheduling of our 2020 Annual Meeting, the pivotal activity of ESCP, in the virtual format has been a success.

"In parallel and after continuous assessment of the situation, necessary pre-emptive measures were assumed for the best interests of the ESCP and its membership. Provided by the revised Rules planned to be forwarded to you for your comments and the final approval and ratification by the AGM, the broadening of the democratic legacy of our Society and the establishment of the Young, the Global Committee and the Innovation Committees will be the showcase of measures that are expected to contribute to the progression of the ESCP, in the new era. Of equal importance is the signing of an agreement between the ESCP and the MCI for the provision of secretarial support services and the organisation of the conference events, that has been recently finalised after a long and exhausting tendering process and thorough assessment of the offerings by several European agencies. We believe that this collaboration will contribute substantially to the thriving of our Society.

"For members, this is a call and a warm invitation to you not only to embrace the ESCP but be also a part of it. The current administration will work on transmitting the spirit of the founders of our Society to the new ESCP generation."

Antonino Spinelli, ESCP Secretary:

"2021 comes charged with hopes and expectations. As we surgeons know well, adjusting expectations is usually key for succeeding. ESCP is willing to face all challenges ahead of us for the year and will do this with the support of a new partner for the management of the Society and the organisation of our Meetings (in whichever form they will be in the future!).

"After thanking Integrity for their services over the very important years of development and growth of our society, we give our warmest welcome to MCI, an expert, international, modern partner which will endow our Society with automatization of important services, helping us to push ESCP further.

"As wished, a transition of the services is in place to progressively complete the handover. For this reason (remember: adjusting expectations is key!) we are sure our members will understand if there will be some delay in the coming weeks, during such an important step for our Society. Their patience will be rewarded! Stay tuned to be informed by our Committee Chairs over the next weeks of our great plans for you ahead! I wish you the best for 2021, on behalf of all Exec team."

Barbara Calderwood, Divisional Director Associations, MCI Group:

"We are so proud to have been appointed by the Board and Trustees of ESCP, regarded as leading the field in coloproctology.

"MCI Group’s strength in the provision of global engagement and marketing solutions will be reassuring and pivotal for the ESCP community as we embrace our new role.

"Therese Dolan, Executive Director of Association Management and Consultancy Solutions, and the MCI UK team, together with Account Director Antonio Guadagnoli and the MCI Geneva team, will be instrumental in the management of solutions for ESCP. Our collaborative partnership will demonstrate MCI’s collective strength in creating human-centric and multi-channel touchpoint solutions that engage and bring people together."

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