In memory of Professor Cornelius G.M.I. Baeten

We are saddened to inform you of the death of our colleague Professor Cornelius Baeten.

Cornelius Baeten

He was a man with a warm interest in his fellow man.

During his career he developed a special interest in patients with proctological problems and he became one of the founders of the subspeciality of proctology. Cor Baeten pioneered the Dynamic Graciloplasty for patients who suffered of fecal Incontinence and improved the quality of life of many patients over the world. His dedication, efforts, surgical and education activities were tireless.

In 2012 he was appointed to the Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion - the highest Royal Dutch award.

In 1998, the Division of Coloproctology (UEMS) created the European Board of Surgical Qualification (EBSQ) (Coloproctology) diploma which was first awarded by examination in 1998 in Malmö, Sweden. Cor Baeten was one of nine examiners at this first EBSQ examination and remained actively involved until his retirement.

The examiners at the first EBSQ examination, Malmø, 1998. Left to right: Helge Myrvold, Mario Pescatori, Manuel Devesa, Cor Baeten, John Christiansen, Marc-Claude Marti, John Nicholls, Thorolf Hager, Hector Ortiz.
Cor Baeten had an important role in the early days of the ESCP.
The European Association of Coloproctology (EACP) was founded in 1999 and became the blueprint for the complex infrastructure that ESCP has today. Cor Baeten was part of the Standing Committee which elected officers at the first EACP Annual General Meeting in 2000. In 2002 he also became President of the EACP.

A working group convened in 2003 which would explore the EACP and ECCP amalgamation to create the ESCP. Cor Baeten was an integral part of this group, until 2006 when the ESCP was formally created.

In 2011, Cor Baeten was awarded Honorary Membership of the ESCP for his outstanding international contribution to coloproctology.

Cor loved to be surrounded by people, exchanging ideas, telling a joke or speaking about his beloved Maastricht and the history of it. He passed away surrounded by his loving family in his trusted Maastricht.

Cor will be remembered and missed by us all.

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