ESCP Introduces #OperationEqualAccess

Colorectal community launches a month-long campaign focusing on diversity and equality in surgery

The European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) is today launching its ‘Operation Equal Access’ campaign, which aims to break down the barriers that prevent surgeons – and aspiring surgeons – from reaching their full potential.

The society’s focus on diversity and equality in surgery aims to expose and explore how various inequalities across the medical sector are impacting career progression, wellbeing and patient care. The campaign will explore issues such as discrimination in the workplace, and how unequal access to resources, research and education opportunities are impacting surgeons’ careers.
Throughout the month of June, ESCP will showcase expert insights and opinions on these issues through interviews and thought leadership content with top colorectal surgeons from across the globe. Campaign activations will also unveil key findings on discrimination and inequality within the healthcare sector.

ESCP is now calling on its members, affiliates and the wider healthcare community to engage in the conversation about the true impact of inequalities within the surgical field to identify new solutions and call on sector leaders to take action.

Operation Equal Access was spearheaded by ESCP’s Social Media Committee.

Vittoria Bellato, Co-Chair of the committee, comments:

“ESCP is dedicated to unveiling unfair treatment within our field and this campaign will focus on improving inequalities and ensuring that we have a more diverse sector. We have encountered eye-opening research that provides a fresh perspective on the many obstacles faced by surgeons, which we intend to showcase to our peers.

“It’s crucial that we all make efforts to gain a better understanding of the unequal access to resources and opportunities in surgery. We hope that Operation Equal Access will play a role in helping to bring about much needed change within the healthcare sector.”

Miguel Cunha, Co-Chair of the committee, adds:

“Diversity within healthcare teams is of utmost importance. It’s essential that we have a workforce with wide-ranging perspectives that will help improve outcomes for patients. But many colorectal surgeons are still facing barriers every day that impact their progression, and ultimately the care they can provide to their patients.

“This month, we hope to tap into research and opinions from top colorectal surgeons within the industry to highlight the importance of equal access to surgery. The goal is to identify unfairness and biased situations, and boost opportunities for all to bring about positive change. Operation Equal Access will ignite discussions in our sector internationally; together we can eliminate inequalities in coloproctology, and beyond!”

You can join the conversation by following @escp_tweets, and by using the hashtag #OperationEqualAccess across all social media channels. ESCP also encourages members and the medical community at large to spark further discussions in the workplace.

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