ESCP would like to invite members that are interested in treatment of cryptoglandular anal fistula for an international Delphi consensus process to select a Core Outcome Measurement Set.

Access to the questionnaire can be reached through the following link:

The deadline for the first round of the Delphi consensus process is set on 10 September 2023.

Below, we have added background information for this Delphi consensus process to the Core Outcome Measurement Set.

There is substantial heterogeneity in the outcomes and their associated measurement instruments used in clinical research evaluating cryptoglandular fistula. This heterogeneity hinders the comparison and synthesis of results across studies and slows research advances in the field. To help address this issue, the 'Anal Fistula Core Outcome Set' for clinical research has been developed ( This Core Outcome Set is a minimum set of outcomes that would be used in ALL research in this field. The next step will be to determine the definitions and appropriate measurement instruments for each core outcome.

To facilitate creating this Core Outcome Measurement Set, we will use a modified Delphi consensus process based on the available research and guidance for developing Core Outcome Sets.

The Delphi panel will consist of representatives from a wide variety of stakeholder groups, including clinician/professional associations, national/regional clinical research groups and investigators, and patients who have been treated for cryptoglandular fistula.

This Delphi process involves completing at least two rounds of a modified Delphi consensus process via web-based surveys using Qualtrics to determine core outcomes. This iterative consensus process will involve completing a survey with your recommendations, with subsequent feedback provided on your responses in comparison to the group responses, followed by repeated completion of the survey in movement towards consensus within the group. This process will be repeated to determine measurement instruments for each core outcome. To reach final consensus an online hosted consensus meeting (time investment 1,5 hours) will be organized.

This process will be conducted electronically. It is very important that each participant be willing to carefully complete each round of the web-based Delphi survey on a timely basis. The reliability of Delphi consensus results will be compromised if panel members drop-out.

If you need more information about the process in order to make a decision, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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